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What do you think of this poem?

6 answers · 3 days ago
You turned the doorknob to my hollow existence years ago, plastering my collapsing walls with clusters of dark verse. An uninvited guest, you turned a visit into a vacation, smirking at the growing crevices in the ceiling muffled sounds at night growing into feral screams. You reveled in turning off the... show more

Is this a poem or what?

5 answers · 2 days ago
You're a star now Shining in the sky And illuminating it every day With your unique personality and wonderful light. What do you think about it? Is it a poem? Is it good or bad?

I Never Wanted to be Found I never wanted to be found... From the very first time you laid eyes on me, your eyes went wide like you found a pirate’s buried treasure. I’m still trying to understand the reason behind your affinity. Your love for me was something that words could not measure. You dropped everything... show more

Honest review of my writing?

7 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Two things stand out for me in my reading, take them for what they're worth... 1) A bit of contamination from the world of advertisement. The fact that poetry is often written in short sentences doesn't mean that you can write slogans. "The damage has been done" and "Here I stand" sound... show more

Can you rate my poem?

5 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: It's by D H Lawrence.

What do you think of this poem?

4 answers · 7 days ago
Trees like hands of bone Pleading to not be crushed By a looming and ashen expanse Heavier than false love A pierce of light through that murky moor So I fumbled for my muddied glass jar Blinding and fractured I saw every color But it slipped through the glass and the mud Then the sitting white lie... show more

Best answer: Do not always assume a person is good always

What's the main point of the poem?

7 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: It's a Zen koan that has no meaning or answer, and thinking about it gives you satori. The body on fire is like the body's, or the man's, desires are on fire; one of Buddha's comments about the time he was living in.

Best answer: What are 'sheckles'? I'm sorry, but this is a nonsensical collection of half-understood words and dodgy syntax.

Best answer: “For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit.” by Noam Chomsky (applies to all sides)

Best answer: It's a lot better then other poems I saw here. Break it up in verses and check the spelling of the words.

Best answer: Perfectionist in what?

Best answer: What does a pigment do, Mechanical as anything can be, And yet society determines you Are either black or white or dead and blue, To leave you just ignored for being black, And all you own is in a sack? Don't let the yellow sun go down on you. Our human ignorance is nothing new; This world is just illusion... show more

Best answer: Writers each work on their own personal conditions. Some are straight, no drugs; others are alcoholics; some are on drugs.