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Best answer: Could be the rise, rise and rise of knife crime which has influenced the media to use American-English terms. People in Britain were murdered in the nineties and even the noughties. But to make their stories, either on the radio or in papers more exciting, they will steal ‘Americanisms’, which are English words... show more

Best answer: Dad never listens

Best answer: it wasnt rne, sorneone was just being rnean and deleted it

Did I make the wrong choice? I feel dumb.?

8 answers · Sapa · 3 months ago
Best answer: Stop feeling stupid. Not only was the teacher horrifically wrong, your Pops was incredibly misguided in his reaction. WITHOUT A DOUBT YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. Dad is correct - standing up for what is right and being willing to put your name to upholding moral values incurs some risk. The wrong person might... show more

Did white ;people invent nearly everything?

13 answers · Phu Quoc · 11 months ago
Best answer: Yeah just about everything

Americans are scary of china?

4 answers · Phu Quoc · 11 months ago
Best answer: And In English no work well for some peeple

The U.S. Constitution could not go into effect until at least nine states ratified, or approved, the document. Each state held a convention to debate ratification. One delegate to the Virginia convention was James Madison, who had authored much of the document. He faced considerable opposition from Patrick Henry... show more

MDCCLXXVI translated into numbers?

6 answers · Trivia · 2 years ago
Best answer: letters in descending order add MDCCLXXVI M = 1000 D = 500 C = 100 L = 50 X = 10 V = 5 I = 1 1776

Best answer: Alex Jones is actually brilliant. He's taken the Art Bell plan, and put it on steroids. Making money hand over fist selling snake oil to the gullible.

Best answer: That would be really nasty. Why not jut say you aren't interested?

What year did they go on tour in Viet Nam ?

5 answers · Phu Quoc · 2 years ago