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Son likes poetry what to do?

42 answers · Poetry · 2 days ago

What is the meaning of life?

131 answers · Philosophy · 5 days ago

They can be about anything. Iā€™m interested.

Was dinosaurs alive when cave men were?

34 answers · History · 3 days ago

Why do Americans live in constant fear and paranoia?

21 answers · Philosophy · 1 day ago

Oh what is life?

17 answers · Philosophy · 2 days ago

They both slaughtered lots of people (Ghenghis Khan might be even more) They both caused great destructions to the world They were both bloody tyrannies So Different time can have different moral standards

Hello world! Im wondering where is the line between art and not art?

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What is your favorite book series?

56 answers · Books & Authors · 6 days ago

Best answer: they were arrested and put in prison camps and were taken to farms and such working in the day most didn't want to escape and were found not to be these horrible Nazis many stayed after the war and worked in coal mines and became upstanding British citizens acquiring British Nationality there are German... show more

Best answer: Hmm, I recall a man who used to go around saying "Germania delenda est." Actually he said "Germany must be destroyed," but I immediately translated it into Latin and assumed it was a paraphrase of Cato the Elder's slogan, "Carthago delenda est." I haven't seen him in years. ... show more

As a kid I thought it was funny and cool as an adult I find it disturbing and distasteful but also getting annoyed that it comes up in any search of my name on Google. A distant relative that eventually disowned my family wrote me as a character who is a gold digger that gets murdered. My name is rare and she even... show more