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I tried registering online and I have a ban on me registering. I did screw off in school a few years back. I'm Going to go to the college and check it out Wednesday. Knock on wood. Wish me luck. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Did you ever have a high school teacher that disliked or hated you?

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Are you glad for the work ❀✿☺Flowerchild☺✿❀ does to expose the irrational atheists?

Best answer: there are many factors to consider. drugs and or alcohol, fell asleep at the wheel, mechanical issues, animal or object was in the road and driver swerved to avoid it, medical issues such as low blood sugar, fainting or seizures

Is there any way that I can attend a 4 year college without good academic credentials?

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I have a really low GPA, low SAT score, no awards or extracurriculars, and have not applied to any colleges yet. I am currently a senior in high school. My parents are able to financially afford it, but my academic credentials are so bad that I feel too embarrassed to apply to any college whatsoever. Could my... show more

Are prestigious universities better than small unheard of universities?

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Ive heard the name doesnt matter Ive also heard that there is a reason for their reputation

Best answer: Unemployed or jobless are the most appropriate and common terms used.

Best answer: Busy bodies is the word

What is the cure to homosexuality?

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I need to so people will accept me

What is the average rate for a 23-year old in the Navy?

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I'm gonna be kicked out of school. What do I do now?

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So I'm a freshman in high school (15) and I'm gonna be kicked out if I don't do the required weekly amount of schoolwork by Monday (it's online school btw) and it's too late to do anything. It's too late because I definitely don't have enough motivation to get a bunch of work done in 3... show more

Best answer: If what they said was a lie then sue them for slander, libel, or defamation. If what they said was true then they had every right to expel him form that school. Your lucky your not going through a law suit your self. He got in a fight with a significantly younger student and made him suffer for the rest of his... show more

Best answer: Stupidity, as they don't have the intelligence to apply a simple rule they learned in first grade.