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Have you ever had sex with a video gamer?

13 answers · Video & Online Games · 2 days ago
Best answer: Aren't most young men video gamers? So, yeah, if I were a young woman, I would.

Should I get a Nintendo switch or a ps4?

19 answers · Video & Online Games · 3 days ago
I like Zelda and smash bro’s a lot but I know ps4 has a lot of bada$$ games too

Is it weird to have a girl character in gta 5 online?

8 answers · Video & Online Games · 11 hours ago

How do you unlock a door without Key?

20 answers · Video & Online Games · 4 days ago
Best answer: Remove the hinge pins.

like republicans teach in private schools?

Do you play pokemon games?

5 answers · Video & Online Games · 11 hours ago

Best answer: Solid equivalency

Why arent digital video games cheaper than physical video games?

10 answers · Video & Online Games · 5 days ago

Do you think gamestop will go out of business soon?

18 answers · Video & Online Games · 7 days ago
I heard that gamestop may closed down one day .

My weekly routine seems to be going to bars and I almost cry doing this. I have been in the party scene for almost 7 years now. I want new hobbies but I don't know where to start. I do go to school, I did play soccer, and I do dabble in art. But somehow I always end up with the party crowd.

Found about $200 on a Casino Floor?

19 answers · Gambling · 1 week ago
The other day I was at a Minnesota Casino. I walked around the corner by some poker machines and there was between $150 and $200 in 20s and 10s laying on the floor. I scooped it up and turned it in to the nearest employee. A couple friends of mine told me I was dumb and I should have kept it. Isn't that theft?

Im going to Disneyland. Who's jealous?

7 answers · Amusement Parks · 5 days ago
Best answer: I go there once a week. So no I am not jealous

Is Nintendo Switch a console for children?

7 answers · Video & Online Games · 6 days ago
Best answer: Depends on how old they are. It's the most expensive handheld system Nintendo has put out. I wouldn't give this to a child under 6 at all, and then until maybe, 10 would need pretty strict supervision. If you limit the play to docked mode and do not allow handheld, then that limits the risk you have of... show more

Do you agree that dlc and micro transactions should just die already?

6 answers · Video & Online Games · 4 days ago

How does Breath of the Wild compare to Ocarina of Time?

9 answers · Video & Online Games · 7 days ago
Best answer: graphics better storyline not as good On a whole both are incredible games and in my top games of all time but I prefer Ocarina Of Time it’s my all time favorite game. I haven’t finished Breath Of The Wild so that could change but I doth it I don’t think any game will top Ocarina Of Time.