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Is it true that Proxima Centauri the closet star to Earth?

24 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago

Even if evolution was true, what makes atheists think that being fossil is evolutiony beneficial? Design is a much better argument because it can explain why we are so perfectly shaped to be able to live and function on this planet.

Why don't we take dolphines to space?

8 answers · Astronomy & Space · 19 hours ago
Best answer: Yes. It has been said that dolphins are very intelligent. More intelligent than some humans??

Why is the sky blue?

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We say that time here in this universe is usually a measured rate that something happens, usually compared to something else- but, in reality, absolutely nothing is needed imo. All one would need is a timekeeper to verify it. Otherwise its like saying 6 inches didn't exist before rulers.

If you can go beyond the earth's gravitational field, then the nearest biggest body to you would slowly pull you towards it hence never coming back down to earth. How true is this?

Am I creating 2 parallel Universes by tosing a coin?

5 answers · Astronomy & Space · 19 hours ago
Best answer: According to some interpretations of quantum mechanics, yes -- and not just two. There's a universe where it came up heads. There's a universe where it came up tails. There's a universe where you didn't catch it and it hit the floor and rolled under the fridge. There's a universe where you... show more

Out causing catastrophic damage??? By the way, I’m not asking if we currently have the technology to do this, we don’t and I get that. I’m asking if it’s possible

Although both concepts of 'finite' and 'infinite' are hard to grasp, either of one must be true. And don't come with this crap like infinite but finite, with reference to the surface of the Earth that can be walked around endlessly while the surface is definite finite. This is often mentioned... show more

Best answer: For the past 70 years we have reverse engineered alien spacecraft and technologies and we can travel to any point in our solar system, as well as OTHER SOLAR SYSTEMS. www. siriusdisclosure .com (remove spaces) and/or Sirius Disclosure YouTube channel The government won't go through the process for full... show more

Best answer: The dimensions we need to worry about here is the diameter of the base and the height. This value cannot be more than 158 cm. Let's set up this equation: 158 = d + h In terms of radius: 158 = 2r + h Let's solve this for r in terms of h: 158 - h = 2r 79 - h/2 = r We want a maximum volume of the... show more

To live in a English country with good healthcare and a hot exotic place with la hills and outdoor pools, dessert and Mexico just a few hours plane ride away. In the UK there's no outdoor pools as it's too cold and dull, no spring break parties, it's cold, the scenery is **** I couldn't imagine... show more