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Is this a good business partner?

8 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: EVERYTHING should have been laid out on paper in the contract you two sign. Including where the money comes from, who supplies it, what percentage, how the profits are split, who does what work in the business, what happens if one person doesn't hold up their end, etc. Basically, talk to your lawyer BEFORE... show more

How to start a business?

7 answers · 3 days ago
I've had an idea of a business that I want to start up, the current products I have in mind includes clothes and headphones but I need to think of these designs etc. I can do all online stuff like websites and promotions and selling but I'm currently at a loss as to where to find manufacturers for my... show more

I have to make about a 10 mile round trip to get to the nearest laundromat. For years I've been suggesting to the village board that we need a laundromat here in town. The mayor finally said. "There will NEVER be a laundromat here if I can help it." I wonder why they are so opposed to one.

Best answer: You'll need a contract, I don't think i'd trust any of the 'templates' you can find online that might give you some idea. If your going to be making money, get a lawyer to write up a contract. It will have to have witnesses (at least 2) and be notorious for it to be legal (but not 100% sure it... show more

Best answer: You get a job in sales. Big ticket sales where you get commissions, like Cars, Furniture, Fine Art or Jewelry. After 6 months of working one of these jobs you have to ask yourself : Did I ENJOY selling things to people? Did I make more money in commissions than I did on my base salary? If the answer to... show more

How are you supposed to get a business off the ground if you can't even get a loan? I've been trying to get this business off the ground since last August but I keep running into problems. My credit is low because I was a co-signer for a couple of my kids and they have brought my credit score down by not... show more

Thinking about placing some but can’t find any information on how the business is ?

If you wanted to open a small store or restaurant, but needed to know the following: - Am I allowed to open this business here? (zoning laws; allowable use of this property) - What permits and licenses are required to conduct this type of business & how to apply for them? Would a lawyer be the correct person... show more

Best answer: No, you're trained for the job at the restaurant. Doing clean dishes and putting them away.

Best answer: Quit this employer, and start fresh with someone else. Tell them you need to concentrate on your school work, and don't apologize, and don't tell them anything else. when you tell them you are leaving, ask them for a letter of recommendation - NOT just can other people call them for a reference, but an... show more

Best answer: Lots of people run home based businesses. But you forgot to tell us what skills and work experience you have. If you have no skills and no work experience, all you can get paid to do is move heavy objects around which is pretty hard to do at home.

How do I tell my parents?

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Best answer: You need to write a businesss plan. Basically that means write down everything you'll need to start and operate your business and where you'll get it and how you'll pay for it; what products you'll have, how much you'll sell them for and how much each will cost you, and where you'll get... show more