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Best answer: there are many factors to consider. drugs and or alcohol, fell asleep at the wheel, mechanical issues, animal or object was in the road and driver swerved to avoid it, medical issues such as low blood sugar, fainting or seizures

1. In a model communist country, the level of unemployment would a.fluctuate widely b.remain very low c.follow business cycles d.exist only in industrial areas 2. The distribution of goods and services in a model communist country is decided by the a.government, to ensure equal distribution b.producers,... show more

While reading the Wikipedia entries of some of my favorite scientists, I’ve noticed some of them (Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Werner Heisenberg, Linus Pauling, and many more that I don’t feel like listing here) have children. Do you think that they were created from strange experiments or just sex?

Was this cheating?

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I was trying to help my classmates today and now I’m paranoid I was cheating. I failed this class last year, but did really well on this one complex project. My two classmates were very worried and confused about some aspects of the project, so I showed them one page of it just to give them an idea of formatting... show more

Canceled debt is?

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Welcome to New York City?

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Here's how I think about New York City. New York City..is different. It's bigger, it's richer, it's more dynamic, its open and it operates to same degree, 24/7/365. It's got millions of people in it.. It never, in recent history relied on the the two biggest retarded slave markets, that other... show more

I have a dream I need help with?

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Need english help asap please?

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this is the question: Explain David's ambiguity towards Giovanni throughout the novel; how does this finally change at the end? thanks to anyone who helps!!!

Im writing a three page paper for philosophy and have to debate either for or aginst the argument that, "The presence of evil in the world is compatible with the existence of God or The presence of evil in the world is isn’t compatible with the existence of God and do not know if I should write for or against... show more

Was there a dam in New Amsterdam?

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Best answer: In New York? The English changed the name to New York. But didn't change the name of The Bronx. We have no dams in the city. Thanks a million.