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My last year of high school has been terrible and I’m not attending any year 12 events (formal, muck up day etc) and I was just going to go to graduation, but now I’m startung to re think that decison. Should I go to graduation? Will I regret not going?

Best answer: Math and Geometry

I didn’t pass my last years math class which math has been a thing that I’m in the 11th grade she saw last year that I had failed geometry which was weird for me I am the closet I was in was pretty bad and the teacher really did not like the group and I was trying my hardest I actually try to learn and nothing... show more

Best answer: You would be 16 in 10th for that to happen.

Kindergarten question/opinions.?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
My daughter has a late birthday so she just missed the Kindergarten cut off last year. She will be 6 at the end of the month. We just moved to a new school district this summer and when I looked into testing her to skip Kindergarten, we had already missed the cutoff. This testing is the only way they will advance... show more

I'm a 16 year old who will be moving from the UK for my junior year of high school. I previously lived in the US so I already have friends in this particular town and I know the area. However, I am concerned about my transition to my new school. After speaking with my friends who are there it seems to me that... show more

What's high school like?

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Best answer: It's not too much different than middle school. You will get more choices in what classes you take, which is a good thing. Also, a lot of kids are more mature, so I think there's a bit less bullying and stupid drama in high school. Another difference is that your schedule will be a little more random and... show more

First day of 8th Grade?

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My first day of 8th grade is tomorrow! Where I am this is the last year of middle school. Any advice before I venture into eighth grade?

The cops say it’s empty threats. The school says it’s a sick joke. The lawyer says I can’t do anything right now. My parents don’t know what to tell me. My life is being threatened by a kid who used I was extremely close friends with. I was on a call with him for 17.5 hours because he wanted to kill himself. He has... show more

Best answer: False. Some of the worst years of my life.

It was the usual day at school and we had pe, obviously in a rush to get home I didn’t realise I had only packed one of my school trainers. When I got home I noticed one was missing. I looked everywhere for weeks and constantly asked the school office if it had been handed in. It must have been a month later when... show more

Best answer: The most important thing any teen can learn is to laugh at yourself first. Then it's hard for anyone to laugh at you or bully you. I know that's hard- but it's really effective. I know a girl- her best friend from kindergarten was pressured into saying she didn't like my friend. So she and my friend... show more

How to wake up early for school?

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Best answer: Get a louder alarm clock and put it in a place where you have to get out of bed to shut it off. And go to bed early, no later than 11. Having had enough sleep makes it easier to wake up in the morning. If you usually go to bed later and get up later, then start a few days ahead of time doing those things earlier

i just started my first few days of high school and i'm currently a freshman, when i get gym, are students forced to swim? thankyou