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So I'm a freshman in high school (15) and I'm gonna be kicked out if I don't do the required weekly amount of schoolwork by Monday (it's online school btw) and it's too late to do anything. It's too late because I definitely don't have enough motivation to get a bunch of work done in 3... show more

Best answer: If what they said was a lie then sue them for slander, libel, or defamation. If what they said was true then they had every right to expel him form that school. Your lucky your not going through a law suit your self. He got in a fight with a significantly younger student and made him suffer for the rest of his... show more

Why do people still walk places?

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My neighbor told me the other day that he walks to the neighborhood market several times a week. This place is about a quarter mile away so I thought it was absolutely insane! I figured he must be having car trouble or something so I offered to drive him next time but he said he enjoys walking...I just don’t get... show more

These high school students in the back of my bus are vaping everyday on my bus. I am sick of smelling it, and am worried about second hand vape. Should I report this to my principal?

Best answer: What is the prerequisite for "College Algebra with Trigonometry"? Did you pass Algebra 1 during summer school?

I'm very sensitive to loud sound and mixed sounds, so a lively crowded place like school is hell to me. The sounds often make me nervous and agitated and I have nothing to do about it.

Best answer: Yes, you should talk to your school counselor about this. You should not have to feel unsafe on your school bus. And vaping is not allowed on public vehicles or indoors in most places. Your counselor will talk to the bus driver and make sure this activity stops. Good luck!

I m 17, moving out of my mother s house in less than a month, and she refuses to enroll me in another school where I m going to be living. I m in my junior year and not even finishing off this year, because I expected her to transfer me over to a local highschool where I m going to be. Is this legal? I m in... show more

New school, i need advice plz?

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So i m going to a new school next term. I m a teenager. Going into grade 8. I want to look fashionable so that i can be excepted, but how do I do that without over doing it? Like i want to look my absolute best, but what if it s weird to others?

Best answer: It's not weird! Plenty of people sit alone because they like to read or do work or have quiet time. You'll make friends eventually.

Best answer: Tell your teacher what happened and show your post here too. Hopefully, that will help.

Best answer: Yes of course it does. that's nearly college level.

Gonna fail math?

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Best answer: DON'T PANIC, and whatever you do, don't get cancer! Find yourself a good math tutor for one-on-one private lessons. DO THIS QUICKLY!! All you need is a patient teacher to review the basic concepts with you and help you practice. Math at this level, is simply learning concepts and LOTS OF PRACTICE. You can... show more

Ok so this isn’t exactly for P.E., it’s for my health class and after my spring break we are gonna have to go to the locker rooms and change and then play soccer or some game or whatever on the field, that’s fine, with another PE class, which gives me anxiety, but my last semester of school, I had P.E. clas, which... show more

Mom won’t let me go to work?

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i’m a junior in high school and signed up to take the act today, but didn’t prepare for it at all. i told my mom last night that im not gonna go today and just take it next fall, but she says i have to take it. she said that if i don’t go today then i can’t go to work tomorrow. is that really her call to make? ... show more