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I remember we were celebrating my Dad's 88th birthday even though his birthday was a few days before. All of a sudden people in the restaurant were noisy and talking about a celebrity being shot.

Name a celebrity you cant stand ?

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Best answer: Amazing Stan. *nuff said

He is saying his wants to punch Trump, hit him with a stick, and saying all these horrible things. Yet I doubt Obama would tolerate that.

Best answer: I don't think I want an *** that large on my furniture

Sure, some of them who are dying are older but a lot of them aren’t. Also, it seems like quite a few have also faced near-death experiences, like Demi Lovato and Lamar Odom. Do celebrities have a higher death rate than the rest of the population, or is the seemingly high rate representative of the population at large?

Best answer: I feel sad & he was cool. 😔 Rest In Peace, Stan Lee.

Who is Ringo Stir?

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Women & Nudity in Hollywood?

5 answers · 15 hours ago
Does it bother anyone that it is okay for nude women to be in movies but not men?

Who is the best actor in the India?

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Best answer: There's no need for her. Trump will self-destruct soon.

Best answer: No she is different because she wrote math books, I don't think Tom Cruise ever wrote math books.

Best answer: I am done with Republicans no matter how rational they appear. I am sure there were some fine Nazis too.

Is Chaka Khan related to Genghis?

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Is Stan Lee heavenly or hellish?

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