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Best answer: 1. Django Unchained 2. Black Panther 3. Straight Outta Compton 4. Selma 5. Creed HMs: Get Out, Dope

Best DCEU movie in a while or overrated?

Does Daryl Hannah still act?

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Loved her in Blade Runner (1982) and Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003) and Kill Bill Vol 2 (2004)

Why do so many modern movies suck?

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Best answer: the good, the bad & the ugly 1966

Are there any good Atheist movies?

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Is this bad acting or not?

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Best answer: Every actor's performance of any character will be different. It doesn't mean that an actor is acting badly just because he's not doing a carbon copy of a previous actor's portrayal of a character. Each portrayal of Poirot has been very different - but that's not the same as saying that one is... show more

What is your favorite movie?

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Best answer: Spirit of Christmas (hallmark) Snow Queen (hallmark) Pirates of the Caribbean series

As a person who thinks that the word "overrated" is overused, I do however that overrated is a perfect word to describe The Force Awakens. That movie sucked really bad.

hitman such a wuss? He's a contract killer! He's supposed to kill whoever they order him to kill! Why does he care if that person is female or a child? So what? Nobody deserves special treatment! I don't care how young or old you are or what gender you are! You're not special! You're no better... show more

Best answer: Ian Fleming, the man who developed the character, would not approve of that. Such a move would also advance the agenda to wipe out Europeans from all areas of life. Bond is actually supposed to be a Scottish-Germanic hybrid, but since so much of the West lacks advanced racial awareness, they would not notice. I... show more

Best answer: Sure. Quite the sex symbol in her day.

Best answer: The original book, by Roald Dahl, was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The 1971 movie wanted it to be more about Willy Wonka than about Charlie, plus they had a merchandising deal on the side to make Willy Wonka branded candy (which I believe is still made today!), so they changed it to Willy Wonka and the... show more

What are your favorite movies about oceans or sailing or being on a ship? Can be totally fiction or based on a true story, modern day or 200 years ago... something where the ocean and the ship is a major part of the plot.!

Best answer: Usually, yes they are........because the movie will just be one person's interpetation and vision of the book, and it just won't match what everyone else envisioned, no matter how true to the book they can possibly be.

Best answer: It was entertaining,and bout 95% of it is utter most Mel Gibsons epics historical movies, takes an event and just throws most the actual facts out and makes it up as he goes along