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Best answer: Unemployed or jobless are the most appropriate and common terms used.

Best answer: Busy bodies is the word

Best answer: Stupidity, as they don't have the intelligence to apply a simple rule they learned in first grade.

Best answer: It was fun doing this, whether you use them or not. :) Long Song Kind Mind Hard Lard Clean Machine Clear Beer Cool Pool Loud Crowd Steep Leap Tan Man Quiet Riot Bright Light Big Pig Stocky Jockey Soft Loft Gray Day Yellow Jello Huge Luge Great Date Funny Bunny Witty Kitty Square Chair Low Blow Old Gold Large... show more

Best answer: For a simple stock phrase like "good morning" or "hello" you don't need quotation marks or capital letters, and you don't need to say "to each other" since that's obvious. E. g. "Everyone said good morning and started their work for the day." By the way, some... show more

Is the plural of moose meese?

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What does being "cordial" mean?

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I am in my 20's and many old people call me madam..is that mean that they think i am 40?

I’m from Nottingham and he’s from Liverpool so we’re both kinda north. He says “go up to London” where as I’d say “go down to London”. He says that he’s right because it’s the capital so you say up but I don’t agree because you are literally traveling south do it would make more geographical sense to say down.

Best answer: As a new century approached, it was necessary to address issues of obesity by conducting a meeting.

Best answer: Of course the 'fiddle' here is the colloquial name for violin. 'Fit' didn't originally mean healthy and energetic, in the sense it is often used nowadays to describe the inhabitants of gyms. When this phrase was coined 'fit' was used to mean 'suitable, seemly', in the way we now... show more

What did he mean?

Which word is correct?

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Best answer: You should use "can" in the sentence. In the sentence, "can" is an auxiliary verb. If there are any problems, they can help. The beginning of your sentence doesn't sound natural. You could write "If there are any problems." I would put "please" after the comma.

Best answer: Answer D. Ja-ko-bee is how I'd pronounce it. If you use a c instead of a k, people will be tempted to say Jacob, then with ee sound at the end.

Is this sentence correct?

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Best answer: No. What had you been doing before speaking to me.

What does it mean? Safekeeping?

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Best answer: It means to keep the item safe (i.e. hang onto it and not damage it). This is one of those rare words that means exactly what it says.