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What is consciousness?

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What is your definition of a "freak"?

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Varied people are called freaks and none are alike, do you have a firm definition on what a freak is?

Help please! I'm looking for a term that I can use in a definition and description. I have a complex thing i'm describing and I've worked to remove all of the variables, the unrelated cultural connotations, the unimportant quirks, etc and I'm left with the raw essential. For example, let's say... show more

What does sandwitch mean?

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I think what best describes my friend, or in other words, what makes him who he is, is his personality, goals, dreams and fears.

What s the practice called when, during a celebration like a wedding/graduation, the person/couple walks through two lines of people of either side of them as they cheer/congratulate them/throw confetti.

What is a horse?

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Best answer: Sort of. We in North America would normally say that eating spicy food (or whatever) could give you an upset stomach, or heartburn, or something, rather than cause it. Pizza is a common food that can cause stomach issues, that can give a person heartburn or an upset stomach. Pizza can cause a general problem but... show more

"Coca-Cola claims its packaging is “recyclable”. Yes, plastic containers can be recycled, but current systems of reclamation are failing to capture the vast majority of this waste, largely because there are few fiscal incentives." What does the second line mean?

Is the word "currently" necessary in the following sentence because I feel that it's redundant because there is already the phrase "as of now". Ex: As of now, I am currently grade ten AND ALSO Does grade ten need to capitalized to Grade Ten or written as Grade 10 or grade 10 in the... show more

Best answer: Indeed it does, but I do not think you wish me to share my thoughts with you.

Any ideas for a slogan for fake news?

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Which is considered grammatically correct? I conducted a study on the adult brain. I conducted a study of the adult brain. Can on and of be used interchangeably in this context? If on and of cannot be used interchangeably, what is the difference?