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Although Suicide Squad was not a great movie, I was happy to see for the first time ever a Latino superhero. I thought El Diablo's backstory was more interesting that the other characters. I loved Shazam. I not only was it great, but one of the Latino kids from the orphanage got the powers of Shazam. He would... show more

Asgard comes from Nordic mythology, that's why Heimdall and Valkyrie are White in the comics. But they made them Black in the movies even though they are Asgardians. It would only be fair if some people from Wakanda were Black. Why are there no White people in Wakanda?

Who would win and why? I say Bumblebee!

Marvel vs DC who’s better?

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Who is the best Batman so far?

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I just want some opinions.

How many anime movies do you own?

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Best answer: About 35

Best answer: I hope not then it will turn fans away

Best answer: The Incredibles Honorable Mentions: Unbreakable, Glass, Hellboy

Why is DC better than Marvel?

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Best answer: Iron Man. Iron Man is equipped with military ordinance. Batman is equipped to capture bad guys. Not like Batman isn't capable. But Iron Man has more experience and better preparations and equipment to be able to deal with people like Batman. Batman specialises in local criminals rather than high-tech aliens... show more

sooo my boyfriend LOVES anime and summoning demons. So for his birthday I am gonna combine both. I bought the stuff to summon satan but I have no knowledge of animes whatsoever. Please anything will help. I don't want it to be a lame party. Thanks!