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Best answer: is that a philosophy or a bumper sticker?

By providing an argument against the philosophy called materialism (or “physicalism”), which is the main intellectual opponent of belief in God in today’s world.

Best answer: Hard to learn it later in life but you can help your kids be compassionate by showing and modeling to them how to treat others and how to think about others. Kindness.

Best answer: being born 10 days before the 2000s

Best answer: "You expect me to account for opinions which you choose to call mine, but which I have never acknowledged." This is the essence of the strawman fallacy, to ASSIGN a position to ones opponent, a position that is NOT actually that of ones opponent but is something else. (The quote is from Jane... show more

Best answer: the most accessible? What the hell does that even mean? Mary Wollstonecraft, Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir

Spanish, French, Dutch, and English colonies in North America in the years 1500-1700. If you could travel back in time, which colonial settlement would you have wanted to settle and why? Provide demographics to explain where you would settle. For example: New England, Middle, or Southern colonies if you choose the... show more

Best answer: One could argue that fixing one's house can also be a form of escapism. Students do it all the time. Extra work hours can also be a form of escaping something, like maybe a sour relationship. Washing the car is no better either as it can distract one from other matters, so in the end, it's a highly... show more

Best answer: We do have many pupils who have learned how to learn in school & even in colleges (& I won't comment on the curt & wrong dismissal here of pupil's literacy & numeracy by someone who ought-to-know-better). Critical skills CAN Be taught..but not in a rote authoritative or unattractive... show more

Best answer: past, present and future are perceptions of man. We can perceive that where other beings cannot. Part of being aware of our own existence and our role in that existence. However, time is/has been here long before us. And will continue to work in this universe well after we are gone. It is a part of the... show more

Are animals conscious?

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Best answer: Yes normally, I'm not too sure about my cat though. She makes a great corpse 22 hours of the day.

Best answer: Eat them first

Any connection gravity and God?

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Best answer: If you remove it from gravity you get gravy.