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Germans are native to Germany. When we were fighting WW2 we were fighting the natives of some other land. But I know you don't care. What you care is to push your anti-white rethoric. Over the course of history the borders have changed many times. But it is only when white people defeated the unwhite... show more

Why are English people so hated?

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I know this is mostly to do with history but isn't it time to let all of that go? I have always heard things that English people are rude, selfish and arrogant when this is completely far from the truth. I visited England a few weeks ago and everyone I met were so kind and lovely. Many of them hate their... show more

Americans need to be proud of their history. They need to be proud of having defeating the natives just as they are proud to have won WW2. No difference. As a matter of fact, Germans are native to Germany, so by winning WW2 we were also defeating the natives of someplace else. Hypocrites

Best answer: I'd say 1860 - 1870 would certainly be among the worst. Terrible war followed by a terrible insurrection inappropriately labeled "Reconstruction." But 1910 - 1920 was near the worst as well, with another terrible war and a terrible flu pandemic that claimed close to 700,000 lives in the U.S. and... show more

In the films the Nazis drag the Jewish children away kicking and screaming to be murdered and their parents just stand and do nothing. With all the money and political power why didn't the Jews launch a holy war against the Germans? Why didn't they commit terror attacks on the Nazis? The Jews could have... show more

What are the side effects of opium?

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Best answer: Were the Norman invasions of Britain and Ireland a good thing? They did not unify England, Scotland and Wales. Edward I conquered Wales, and the Welsh didn't forgive that. One reason Wales was at least semi-content under Tudor rule was that the Tudors were partly Welsh. James VI of Scotland became James I... show more

Best answer: True, if you include the the Aleutian Islands Campaign.

Best answer: No doubt he is talkin, high of itself, boastin, but that,s dreadful yeah.

Best answer: because WW1 was a deadlock in France and the world just threw men on the fire WW2 was the invasion of many countries and the innocent paid a higher price Russia 29 million Asia who knows its enormous and of course the bombs on the people got bigger and bigger till they hit a jackpot in Hiroshima and then Nagasaki... show more

Some have suggested we will have a war with China using conventional weapons. I personally think that we are too mutually dependent for any serious war, rather that there will be small moves to rebalance power and wealth. Say there was a war, would it be like the Cold War with the USSR? I’ll take any answer and... show more

Best answer: 1. A woman. 2. Disabled. 3. Successful. Just doesn't fit with the Texas model.

Best answer: Yes, until 21 in the 40's.

Why did Oswald kill JFK?

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