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Best answer: How would you make it work? No TV, no electricity....

Best answer: It's the very reason why California has the 5th largest economy in the world.

They aimed to leave in pursuit of religious freedom, but...why would they just allow them to leave? I can't find any information on how they left, whether it be how they argued their case to leave, if they lied to leave, etc.

Street performing in the 1800s?

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Hello, I'm doing some writing and I've been trying to research what sort of street performing was popular during the 1800s (later part of the 19th century, so around 1880s - 1890s?) in London? For women as well as men?

Does anybody learn history these days?

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Best answer: It was closed for the duration, the same as the ferry services.

Best answer: Yes, California and New Mexico were given their freedom and joined the USA.

Best answer: You are American, but like virtually all Americans, you may also, of course, honor your ethnic heritage. I am Irish by bloodlines, but I am American, first, last and always.

The biggest wars going on right now is The Syrian civil war and the Yemen civil war. Both wars combined killed less then a million. While wars in the 1950s and 60s were far more deadly. Korean (1950-1953) killed 3 million. Vietnam (1955-1975) killed up to 5 million.

I think so, since due to the British Blockade, Germany was importing most of its supplies needed from the USSR, if the Soviets cut them off, they will have shortages of food and oil, (Romania was insufficient Oil for Germany).

I heard from a student who comes from Germany that I could visit camps where jews were murdered and now I am thinking why Germany hasn't gotten rid of them yet since they are icons of evil from their past. Is it because its part of their cultural pride?

Or just another Al, Jesse, and Louis? PS, check out Selma Ala. now, highest murder, crime and welfare rate in Ala..