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The Spainish empire colonized Philippines, Cuba and etc. The Portuguese empire colonized Brazil and some African territories, the Brits also did the same thing but no empire colonized Russia ever?

Which side was France on in the War?

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I'm researching for a story I am writing that takes place in a fictional setting based loosely off of Canada or the US in the mid-1950s. The setting is best described as suburban for it is a small town with basic shops and schools and such, but it is mainly forests and some farmland. In such a setting, how... show more

Best answer: They can cause some serious destruction.

Best answer: Agreed

Best answer: During the renaissance was when there was an ongoing effort by certain people in Europe to erase the people who ruled Europe out of history. Particularly after 1492 when the Moors were expelled from Spain. That event changed the course of history as we know it. A lot of Europeans know this. American whites along... show more

Best answer: They helped. US banks were involved in loans and deals to help Britain and France later on in the war, so jewish money might have served as a turning point. There was a lot of jewish help. In exchange, the jews were given part of the land of Palestine to create a new Israel, under the Balfour Declaration. When... show more

9/11 was a conspiracy ?

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Best answer: Oh. You want equal opportunity. The USA still deports people who lied about their past. If war crimes are connected. We were not at war with either as another Axis Power attacked the USA. USA citizens did fight with Soviet-backed forces in Spain until the bitter end. So, its not like citizens ignored the... show more

I read some interesting facts recently and some of it stated that history was written by victor, history did not consist of the loser's story (like in a war), history consists of only what the victor wanted.

Best answer: It is quite probable that when wolves existed in England they also existed on the Isle of Wight which is just off the English coast. Back up to 10,000 years ago there was an ice age and sea levels were much lower as much of the sea water was locked up in very thick extensive ice fields and glaciers. Very likely... show more

Best answer: Its revenue was of little importance to the Roman treasury, but it controlled the land and coastal sea routes to the bread basket of Egypt and was a buffer against the Parthian Empire.

Best answer: Because: One, they didn't know the state of things. Germany was still telling them they were winning. It's not like they'd just take the Allies word for it that Germany was losing. Two, by the bitter end, Germany had already exhausted most of its experienced troops, so Germany drafted 12-, 13-,... show more