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I'm 18. My father did not want me driving at 15/16 because he felt like I wasn't old enough or mature enough yet to start driving. Whenever I asked him if he could teach me how to drive, he'll say, "No I don't think you're ready." So I didn't do it. He tells me, "Driving... show more

Manual or automatic transmission for first car?

25 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago

Do you still need an adult in the car after you're 18 with only a permit?

15 answers · Insurance & Registration · 1 day ago
Best answer: You need a licensed driver in the car while you drive with just a permit. That person doesn't need to be a parent, but they must be 18 years old or older. When you're under 18, your accompanying driver must be licensed and 25 years old or older.


20 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago
I have a 2002 ford fiesta 1.3 and it always overheats the fan is constantly on even when just the electrics are on and it takes about 20 seconds for it to turn off when engine switched off.  The fan switch, thermostat and coolant reservoir bottle have all been replaced. And still nothing had changed.  I drained... show more

What are some economical cars? Good on gas and lasts longer?

13 answers · Buying & Selling · 1 day ago

Can I cancel insurance on a car that is financed?

26 answers · Insurance & Registration · 3 days ago
I'm leaving the country for three months and cannot attend to my vehicle for an additional three months after that. I have arranged for relatives to care for the car, crank it, and drive it around occasionally. I'm curious to know if I could cancel the insurance during this time but continue to pay the car... show more

Can I trade in my car if I'm upside down on my loan.?

16 answers · Buying & Selling · 2 days ago
Okay. So I have a 2015 Honda and I'm trying to trade it in for an older van. I owe 13,556 on my Honda (got it only 4 months ago) and its trade in value is around 10,000 or so. The van I'm trying to purchase is 6900. So is it possible to transfer the remaining 3556 from my Honda loan to the loan for the... show more

Are car winter mats necessary?

10 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 11 hours ago
I have the original Nissan Rogue floor carpet, and then my dad bought some floor carpet from home depot and got it cut to fit the interior of the front and rear passengers to cover the original Rogue floor carpet but my friend said that an actual floor mat is better for rain, snow and dirt. Is it true? or is it... show more

Buying a used car. What do I need to know when buying?

9 answers · Buying & Selling · 9 hours ago
It’s actually a very nice car for pretty good price 3500 & the owner said the title is salvaged. What exactly does that mean & how would I go about getting the tags like around how much will that be? I’m not good with stuff like this like I have no clue please help!!!!

What do I do if I used the wrong transmission fluid?

8 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 10 hours ago
My friends mom bought fluid for a Honda, but I drive a Hyundai. The gears are shifting hard and the check engine light came on and it's because of the transmission oil temperature sensor. But how do I fix that besides the sensor? I've probably driven no more than 30 miles on the wrong fluid. Is there a way... show more

Coil resistance bellow recommended resistance?

9 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 22 hours ago
Just bought some new ignition coils for my car and out of curiosity I tested the resistance. They read 9.37 but my manual says they need to be 10.00. Does this mean they're no good?

How does oil get into the air intake/air filter box?

7 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 12 hours ago
Not considering the PCV system How would oil, due to oil blow by from bad piston rings, make it's way back up and all the way through the air intake system to the air filter? To me it doesnt make sense. It's not my personal vehicle, it's just something I'm trying to undersr and for curiosities... show more

i was hit in the rear at lights. the driver gave his details to the police from his licence. the owner now says the vehicle was in a garage. the garage wont talk to my insurer and the tpi says they are not liable but wont give any proof it was in a garage. how will this end.

When is a good time to fill up for gas in an SUV?

9 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 13 hours ago
In my 2017 rogue it has a 55 L tank. Right now it says I have 186 Km before i go empty but I am obviously not going to wait that long. The rule of thumb is no less than quarter tank full, but is there a certain amount of KM left to drive threshold?

How can I get over what nearly happened?

7 answers · Insurance & Registration · 3 hours ago
I'm scared of driving. I was driving a while ago in a new place full of mountains and fields. The speed limit was 100. So I did about 80 along these mountain roads. My sat nav did NOT tell me there was a crossing up ahead and I sped through it. The sign for the crossing was also fallen down in the grass. I... show more

What should I expect from this ticket if i'm under 18?

9 answers · Insurance & Registration · 16 hours ago
I am currently 17 years old. I was on my way home from helping out at my family's business and was pulled over two days ago for expired tags on my car. At the time, i wasn't licensed and only had my permit. The officer ended up giving me a citation with two infractions: 1. Expired registration(correctable... show more

Car was TOWED!! Please HELP?!?

8 answers · Other - Cars & Transportation · 7 hours ago
So, my dad passed away a year ago. I have his old broken down Chevy w/ expired tags (they expired after he passed) and I wanted to junk it because it is just leaking oil In the apartment complex lot. I went to the CA DMV and got a Customer Reciept to have the vehicle junked and I received proper documentation for a... show more