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Best answer: Friend I would keep a copy of my insurance stuck away for 1 year just to be on the safe side but if a person claims that they were in an accident with you they're usually needs to be a police report in order for it to hold any Credence with the insurance company.

Why are American cars like Chevrolet have become so unreliable?

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Best answer: The reliability and quality of American brand cars have improved over the years, but Asian brands have improved even more during the same time.

Best answer: Yes. However, you would need to cover up the holes where the wings were before you went into space; otherwise all the air would fall out.

What is the name of the gas used to fill in vehicle tyre tubes?

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There is no real reason to change the car oil is there?

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Do rich people ever take public transportation?

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Best answer: In cities, many do. It's the most practical and often fastest way to travel in a crowded area.

Best answer: Keep the cellophane on or go for red cellophane instead, if you desire a darker lighting.

What can cause the power steering fluid to become low?

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Best answer: Leaks can be the cause. It doesn't burn or evaporate.

I had an overheating issue with my car. No external leaks but it was apparent that some combustion gases would get into the cooling system and overheat after a 30 min drive. Took it to the shop and the mechanic says that the head gasket has blown, motors are bad and that it isn’t fixable. I already spent a good... show more

Best answer: I bought a car away from a guy who did not have me come to his house when I was young. He said it was easier to meet at such & such than give me directions. I did not give it a 2nd thought. But, that was 30 years ago. Times are more dangerous now and they don't know you from Adam. Nothing wrong with... show more

How much can I get off of a car?

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There is a car listed at $10,900 at a car dealership and the price has never changed and it’s been on the lot for 40 days so I was wondering what a fair offer would be for it

Why can't I drive across the ocean?

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How do I keep from leaving a car in idle overnight?

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I am new to driving. I heard that people accidentally leave a car in idle overnight. They leave a car on battery. I don't know how to tell if the car is fully off or if I turned the key to much the wrong way.

Is cruise control safe?

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stupid question but im a new driver who just started driving on the highway, i just wanna start using cruise control

Gap insurance question?

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I bought a car from Jaguar with gap insurance and i totaled my car after some dumb lady pulled an illegal U turn in front of me. Her insurance said my car is totaled. They're coming to pick it up in a couple days. And i was wondering how does gap insurance really works and do i have to buy my next car from... show more

What happens if i put wrong battery in my car? PLEASE HELP!?

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My car was completely dead so i had to jump with my dad's car and ran into Sam's club. I have Toyota Corolla LE car but i don't why i accidentally told worker at the vehicle motor that I have Toyota Corolla SE. I guess they put SE new battery in my LE car. After they change the battery, my car engine... show more