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I thought they are the same thing. She says it's renting a car.

Best answer: 2019 Dodge: Challenger 2-dr Sedan, Charger 4-dr Sedan. 2019 Ford: Fiesta Focus Fusion Taurus 4-dr Sedans, the Mustang is a 2-dr Sedan. 2019 Chevy: Cruze, Malibu, Impala 4-dr Sedans. Etc.. Ignore the idiots writing in magazines.

The car I have now has a loan against it which is worth more than the trade in value of the car by about $5000. If me and a family member were BOTH looking to lease a new car (so 2 new cars), does anyone know if a dealership will be working to work with me in any way? Also the cars looking to be leased are not... show more

So i was recently in the hospital and due to my stay there I lost my position at my job and I lost my job. I found another one, but it's no where near as much pay. I sold my home because I no longer was able to afford it, but the tricky part is now getting rid of my car. I made some dumb decisions in my past... show more

Best answer: It really depends on how you define “a lot” of negative equity. If you’re talking up to $3000 that is a fairly easy hurdle to overcome. If you’re talking about $8,000-$10,000 that’s a hole that is nearly impossible to dig yourself out of regardless of the car you’re trying buy. One thing is for sure, a car... show more

Which SUV should I buy?

24 answers · 7 days ago
Subaru Forester Mazda Cx-5 Ford Escape Volkswagen Tiguan Nissan Rogue

I have a 1996 vw golf gti vr6 that I’m building for the 24 hours of lemons races. I have to have a cage in the car to race. If I install the cage will it still pass Smog? And the dmv said they wanted to look at the car. Or should I get it street legal then put the cage in the car? I live in California

I'm thinking 5 years. That's enough time that they've probably changed the tires and oil, etc., and I think depreciation has slowed. I imagine I could get a used car warranty, too, for a few years. But i'm just guessing.

Should I sell my car or keep it?

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Im planning a move from Ohio to Florida & was going to sell my car. Some say I should just drive the car there. Would you drive a 2003 Honda Civic those 16 hours? Should I drive there or just buy a new car when I get there? Is the public transportation good?

My wife and I are looking at getting new vehicles. She's in more need of getting a vehicle than I am but I'm wondering if we could potentially get a better deal if we traded both in at once. Otherwise, I'm looking at getting a new vehicle next year sometime. I don't know if a salesman would be... show more

Best answer: Sure, but don't release the title or car until the check clears.

Buying a new car?

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I have good credit. Last I checked it was over 760. If I buy a new car can I put it in my parents name and just pay the monthly payment? I only want to do this because they have better credit than me and would make the payment even lower. I ve never bought a "new" car before so this would be my first.... show more

So, my mom is in prison, and my grandfather left her his old harley davidson when he died. My mom told me she wants me to have it, but we are not sure how to proceed in order for me to get my hands on it. Currently, it is sitting in his garage where his wife still lives. His wife said there is no way that I am... show more

So basically, I'm buying my first 'proper' car as a saloon as my next car but I'm not sure whether to get a automatic or manual was looking to get advice on people and their decisions, I'm 18 and looking to get something a bit more practical for longer driving as my hatchback(manual) shakes... show more