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I’m currently 18 about to turn 19 And heading to college. I don’t know if I should lease or finance a cheap car. Something with payments under $200 and I can leave a down payment of $1,300. I currently work a part time job making a little under 500 a month. I need something to get me to work and school (which both... show more

Hi everyone! We recently purchased a dealer demo Jaguar F-Pace and was wondering if they give you any merchandise such as a umbrella, cap, key chain, etc. I know when I purchased my Mercedes and before that Audi they gave all these things, just wondering so I don’t sound like a fool if I ask for them! Thanks!

I am looking for a first car and in my price range I can’t find anything too good or even new. My friend has a 2010 galant, with a 144k miles and he says 2 grand. Would this be worth it to buy it with that many miles?

Can you get out of a car lease?

10 answers · 2 days ago
I got myself into a lease with a jeep wrangler and I just got it impulsively. (young and dumb) I really want to get out of it badly the payments are so ridiculously high, it wouldn't be so bad if the car insurance wasn't high as well but they both are crazy high! I would even trade in the car for a cheaper... show more

Best answer: Car loan payments are paid in arrears, which means you are paying for the past month. When you trade, the dealer will call your bank and ask for the current balance, which might include an unpaid monthly payment. This is the amount that the dealer will pay the bank to "buy" your vehicle. Now, if that... show more

I tried to look online for the Kelly Blue Book value, yet I had trouble finding the approximate value for that many miles.

If you could leave your email I can send you the CARFAX, I’m trying to buy my first car. I went to go look at it and test drive it and I feel In love. it drives smooth, and it’s the perfect size but I don’t know much about cars so can someone tell me if it’s a good buy or not I don’t have anyone to go with me so... show more

I recently signed the paperwork for a used vehicle, the dealership said they wouldn’t process our paperwork until Monday since it was late the day we went in. We also haven’t paid the down payment. So they gave us a paper that indicates we are “test driving” the vehicle.. is there any way we can return the vehicle?

Best answer: If it starts, runs and stops, makes no nasty noise and has no water in the oil, you're good to go. The big ticket items are the motor and transmission. If the coolant is straight water, there's a good chance it has blown a head gasket and the owner just topped it up with water. Look for water in the oil... show more

Car loan not approved?

11 answers · 7 days ago
My car loan wasn't approved by any banks and the dealership wants to basically change my contract, could I just return the car instead? It would make sense since no one is financing it so I wouldn't be making payments and I do not want to change the original contract and honestly don'twant the car... show more

Can you buy a car without credit?

7 answers · 5 days ago
For example, say you had 14,000 and the car you wanted was 16,000, could you get a loan for the rest without credit if you put that much down for the 16,000$ car?

Best answer: You need a Massachusetts lawyer. They don't come free on Yahoo Answers.