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Selling car to carmax?

6 answers · 5 days ago
I'm planning to sell my car tomorrow at Carmax, I'm vacuuming it out right now and i realized that the mats in the car are terribly stained and i really don't have the time to invest in cleaning them so the question is, am i better off leaving the stained mats in or throwing them out as the actually... show more

What is the best way to own a car?

9 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: A lot depends on your individual situation. If you live in Manhattan, the cost of parking a car is outrageous, it's difficult to get around, and you might as well use public transportation or a ride share. If you live in Harney County, Oregon, you need a very reliable 4-wheel drive and there are no ride share... show more

One that's not a depreciation queen, I want it to last as long as possible and retain value, of course I know all used products lose value over time but generically which make and model retains it's value the most?

How to sell a van on Craig list?

7 answers · 6 days ago

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend financed a car at a reputable dealership with pretty good reviews. He has excellent credit and the paperwork went through smoothly and he drove him with the car. Yesterday he got a letter of denial from the bank. What should he do now?

My Honda Civic is worth about $12,000 and I want to trade it in for older and higher mileage Honda CR-V or Element which cost about half that. Not only do I want a larger car cause the Civic is so cramped but honestly I could use the extra money. My family is totally against it saying I should keep the Civic... show more

Best answer: call the closes democrit office and tell them you are here illegally and that you need a car to go back and forth to your illegally obtained job to feed the 14 illegal kids you have back over the border in a different country..

I’m trying to buy a car but give nothing down, but I don’t know if the better option is to buy new or used. I have good credit score in the 700’s. I’m just trying to see is it worth buying a used or new. I’ve been doing research on cars and I see that some dealership has a disclaimer that those prices listed are... show more

Should I get this truck?

12 answers · 1 week ago
so this truck was my cousins but she doesn't really use it anymore, it has 200,000 miles on it, and it only a 2 wheel drive and I don't think it could get up my drive way in the winter because my drive way isn't paves and it a hill so when it snows it's really hard to get up if you have a small car.... show more

Best answer: Don't be angry. Throw it all away. Detach and let go. Accept what ever is. May all be very heroic and do a lot of pure good karma.

Are skoda octavia any good?

6 answers · 1 week ago
I'm getting like loads of mixed reviews on them half the time I'm seeing on sites that they are one of the most realible cars out there but yesterday I was reading all jinds of faults including some worryying stories bout water leaking into car and dpf issues also are the 1.2 petrol any good?? They... show more