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How do you purchase a used car?

5 answers · 6 days ago
I am buying my first car on my own. I have saved up money, but I am buying a cash car from a private owner. How do I make this purchase? I have never made a purchase this large. Do I need to literally take out all the cash? I have little credit since I'm young still, so I am only allowed to take out $400 a day.... show more

Its a good car in USA or its for poor people? I always see people driving pickups and suvs in movies, its seem even poor people prefer to buy a used pickup than a new cheap car.

Best answer: [A] The Mazda CX-5 is considered a compact SUV. You have to bump up to a CX-9 to be in the mid-size class. [B] There are currently over two dozen mid-size SUV'S. The only one priced close to $20,000 is the Dodge Journey starting at $23,645 for the base model. Add sales tax license and financing fees and... show more

Question about car repossession?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
Let’s say if i went out of state and bought a 2019 Nissan Maxima. Then I moved back to my home town,. Changed address and all. And let’s say I don’t make the car note payment. Can they repossess my car? Considering I bought it from another state and left and even changed address? I know your credit will still be... show more

Has anyone sold a car to Carvana?

4 answers · 1 week ago
I am thinking about selling my car to Carvana. They say they will come and tow my car which sounds convenient. The price isn't that great as it's wholesale trade in value, but higher than other dealers I've gotten quotes from who say they'll pay for my taxi ride home which isn't as... show more

I have a 07' Volkswagen Passat I got three years ago it won't last me more than a year problems after problems keep coming up, I took it to the shop but a new problem always comes up. I don't want another car loan but I want to sell this car while it's still profitable. Should I keep it for the sake... show more

Good used cars under 20k?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
Looking to get a used car for a daily commuter. Will prob keep it for a couple years and put maybe 25-30k miles on it. Wanting to spend 10-15k but will go up to 20. What are some fun or luxurious cars that are still reliable and have good mpg in this range?

In news it's reported many kias and Hyundai have caught fire recently.. What is the risk of fire if a new sonata is bought?

Best answer: Avoid title loans. You'll get caught in a never ending cycle of expensive renewals a super-high interest rates, It won't take long for you to owe two or four times the amount you borrowed. And if you can't pay, you lose your car.

I have a 2018 civic I am currently leasing from Honda and can no longer afford the lease and need to give it back. I have 18 months left on the lease but there is no way I can cont to keep making the payments. What type of penalty will I face or what should I expect to happen ?

I have a good lemon law case how ever, my ex husband is on the sales papers when I purchased the car. He is no longer on the title, but the lawyers want him so sign & be apart of the case since he was on those documents. He does not want to be involved. Is there another way around this ?

I only need the car for 6 month-1 year job commute.

What is so special about luxury cars?

13 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Nothing anymore. Like a few others said, luxury cars had better features, but now every vehicle can come with them. Now the only thing that sets them apart is their appearance, interior and exterior. Comparing a normal car to a luxury car is basically comparing a normal car to supercar nowadays. One has standard... show more

Best answer: Toyota