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Oil Change.?

31 answers · 2 days ago
I just recently gotten an oil change which is good for 6,000 miles. Should i still check my oil every once in a while to see if im low on oil or just wait to get a new oil change? Im new to this car thing. Everything is so confusing.

It’s a 2001 model...should I look elsewhere?

I got my first car 5 months ago so still learning the basics. I don't often drive my car I only use it for going to the store and driving it for traditional purposes. But should I still brush the snow off my car today. Will snow harm the car?

So my mechanic tried calling me at 4 today, I assume he was calling me to tell me my car was ready for pickup but i don't know because my stupid voicemail is acting up. I was at work and did not get out until 6, they close at 5. Will they charge me for leaving my car overnight?

I recently just bolted and screwed a few anchor points and tracks to my trailer to tie a motorcycle. Underneath my trailer has a lot of screws sticking out. If I cut them flush with the underside of the trailer, will it affect the strength? If I don’t cut them. What can I do to prevent them from poking and stabbing.

Best answer: Your battery is old (over 3 years) and the weather is cold. Go to your battery shop and get the battery tested, you'll probably find that is has reached the end of its useful life.

Best answer: Most likely that the vehicle has hit a pothole and knocked both front and rear suspension on one side out of alignment. My guess is that its the right side that is wearing faster. Take it and get the alignment checked.

It makes a clicking Noise

Best answer: WalMart EverStart batteries are not junk and are probably the best battery available for the money. I should know. Over the years, I have bought comparable batteries from several local auto parts stores and those batteries just did not last as long as the EverStart batteries. Also, those "auto parts"... show more

I can literally shift it into the park position, but it's not acting like it is in park. Even when I have it "shifted" to park, I cannot start the car. I can only start it in Neutral. When it is in the park position, the park light doesn't come on, and I can easily shift it down to reverse or... show more

I filled up today and it said 311 miles left on the tank I drove 4 miles and I watched it drop to 292 but the fuel gauge wasnt dropping .I took it into the mechanic to have them look for a fuel leak but there wasnt one. anyone know whats up other than it was 29 degrees today

My dome lights have been out for about a year now because i don't want to get it fixed since it doesn't seem like a big deal, but somebody told me the other day it's illegal and that i really should get them fixed. Is he right or is it ok to not have working dome lights

I don’t drive too often and a couple weeks ago i had a leak in my sunroof. I cleaned it up but today i noticed there’s mold on the passenger side of my car. I know i can clean it myself but i really don’t want to leave anything up to chance and would feel more secure if it got removed professionally. Do you think a... show more

Im putting my white mustang gt away for the winter and I’ve never done this so was curious as if a cover would help at all? I read sometimes it can make it worse. Can I just leave it in the garage uncovered? It’s my dads garage and he said it’ll likely be heated for the winter.