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Best answer: Push pull is recommended since your hands are always in the right position for you to have proper control, which isn't the case with hand over hand. Having said that, experienced drivers will use whichever method is appropriate in the circumstances, especially when reversing.

I was browsing youtube and I saw a creepy PSA complation about car crashes and stuff, and it said that if somebody were in the front of a car, and somebody behind them were not wearing their seatbelts, if the car were to suddenly stop, the person behind could slam into the seat of the person in the front, and... show more

When I drive, I like to let the steering wheel straighten itself out after making a turn while keeping both hands on steering wheel and letting it slide through my hand. Is it perfectly fine and safe drive like that? Steering the wheel to the straigten position after a turn vs letting it straghten itself out feels... show more

Whenever it snows heavy in places in America like Wisconsin or Minnesota, there is always a rash of car accidents. Is this different in other places in the world like Europe. If Norway had a big snow storm would there still be as many accidents as here.

Of course I'm talking about the cameras and sensors that come with the car itself, not the ones you buy for them separately but the stock ones.

what happens if a motorist bicyclist is riding against traffic at night with no reflective I was turning a curve with minimal view and I didn t see him, but that goodness I had turned the curve correctly or I could have hit him.

Best answer: You are NOT at fault. The driver who rammed into you is simply because he/she was too close at not prepared for you to have to make a sudden stop The driver who hit you should be made to pay for the repairs but I assume you do not know who it was.

Can I drive a car?

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Best answer: Yes. My wife is 5-2 and never required any special modifications to drive a car. She even drives my full-size pick up sometimes.

How will they know?

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Just curious.I parked somewhere today and there is a sign that says "1 hr parking only".What will happen if i exceed 1hr?how will they know since there are no cops or parking meters?

Whose at fault? (Driving)?

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Best answer: 1) Left turn on a green light is always "when safe to do so" so you are free to slow down or stop if needed. 2) A pedestrian always has the right of way. You should always yield to a pedestrian. Your stopping was completely appropriate. 3) When you rear end a vehicle, 99% of the time it is your fault.... show more

It really annoys me. I am waiting at a light, and the idiot doesn't use turn signal, I am thinking he or she is going straight but they end up turning. I am turning, and I have to basically stall a bit because the idiot doesn't use turn signal.

Today, I was biking on my way home at dusk on a foggy day. I got home as it was about to get really dark. But on my way home, I saw a woman who got hit by a car (she was going northbound, and I'm assuming she got hit as the car was approaching from the left on a small intersection. I just saw her arguing with... show more

Best answer: when it gets dark, i would say

Best answer: Back in the 1980s they used to make Volvos with daytime lights you couldn't turn off, it was supposed to be a 'safety feature' but never really caught on. The thinking was that it would be easier to spot a car with the lights on and it would reduce accidents and some people were campaigning to get it... show more

By putting 3000 lbs of plywood at the top on a small car

Am I being paranoid?

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So i’m 16 and today I got off at my bus stop. My stop is a 3ish minute walk from my house, but I can see my house from my stop. As soon as my bus pulled away a creepy green pickup truck started driving. It was moving like 10mph and stopped right in front of my house. It looked like a company truck, it had a logo on... show more