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Best answer: In cities, many do. It's the most practical and often fastest way to travel in a crowded area.

Is cruise control safe?

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stupid question but im a new driver who just started driving on the highway, i just wanna start using cruise control

I’ve always wondered that tank is for all these years growing up and looking at semi trucks

I'm planning to rent a car in Japan and have already acquired a AAA International Driving Permit. It looks like this and a US Passport are all I need to rent a car, but I've never actually driven a car in a left-side country. I've ridden in cars in Ireland, Japan, and the UK, but have never been behind... show more

Best answer: The reliability and quality of American brand cars have improved over the years, but Asian brands have improved even more during the same time.

Are any Japanese cars likely to?

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have high level of radiation coming off them due to what happened at Hirsohima and Nagasaki at then of WW2?

Best answer: South Korean car quality has gotten much better. However, the Japanese still have better quality control in their factories especially the cars made in Japan. So i do believe the Japanese cars will still outlast the Korean cars but the korean cars do offer better warranty and they are guaranteed to go atleast 100k... show more

It has 69k miles, custom sound system (sounds amazing), clean title no accidents. I was thinking maybe 18k. Is that too much?

I prefer foreign, Honda specifically, since Dodge and Chevy ruin my American experience

Best answer: Lots of people do so.

I have a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 SE. I took it to a mechanic and he said the problem isn’t the lightbulb; it’s the entire headlight assembly, so I’ll have to get it replaced. Will I still be able to drive at night without getting a ticket while my lights are like this? Please see the pictures, I am asking because... show more

wait until they get to the other side of the road (still on road but not on my side) or until they get onto the sidewalk? Would I obstruct traffic if I do wait for them to get onto the sidewalk? I live in Alberta if that matters. Thank you.

Could only turn after lights turned red and i was already past my traffic lights which were on green before they went on red and as i was turning right following the vehicles in front of me red light camera flashed me but it wasnt on my side of the road it was on the road to my left so it took picture of left side... show more

Will I get a ticket for this?

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Here’s the situation. I’m sitting at a traffic light behind a FedEx truck. When he turns the light is yellow. I’m not quite sure if I entered the intersection before the light turned red, but I turned anyways. The intersection had these hits cameras on top of them and it wasn’t a very busy intersection. Is that a... show more

Anyone have any idea

Best answer: Yes it might because crude oil is a limited commodity and it is estimated at our rate of consuming these fossil fuels we will likely run out in less than 60 years. Lets hope they figure out a way to make synthetic gasoline someday. And Do not think by driving electric cars your saving the environment because about... show more

Why are they so special ?why are they exempt? They are techy and trendy? Every other Taxi or transportation service are required to display a For Hire license plate on the back of the car and transportation insurance to the amount of $1.5 million that is federal law so why are they exempt? The government needs to... show more