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What jobs are in an office and I can wear a suit?

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I work at a gas station and it’s not fulfilling, what job can I wear a suit to and be on an office? I’m looking for the minimum and least expensive job option, preferably not to go to college because I can’t afford that, I just want to work at a job that’s in an office and I wear a suit.

Are employers who post ads on job boards really hiring?

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Seems like I'm just wasting my time sending applications to a brick wall

Employer fraud?

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I applied to a fast food place and they accepted right away. I went into the back and got everything done that day. they scheduled me for training a week later. i spent one hour working and the guy send me home. he tells me he will text me my schedule. its been ten days. he was ignoring my calls so i went in person... show more

Best answer: Go to the website and look at all of the jobs that require a BA. THEN check out the pay ranges. Then go look for the job that matches what you want.

I’m worried I’ll get fired or look like a bad employee because they only give me a few hours notice before my shift that I need to call out. I don’t live with them I am financially independent. But I have the best car so they expect me to run errands for them and help with housework at their place. I don’t mind... show more

My current salary is 58,500. If anyone asks, is that considered a salary of 60k?

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How to ask for more hours at work?

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I’m a senior is college. I’ve been working at my current minimum wage job for the past 2 years. We get paid $8.25 plus tips which is usually like $2 a shift sometimes more. I work in an ice cream shop in my city and we get pretty busy. I’ve never really ever hit it off with my boss. I can tell I’m not the... show more

My mother is insisting I fight for this to me this not worth my time or energy.?

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Best answer: Your former employer shafted you and you should do everything in your power ro make them pay for it. Get every last penny out of them possible. You were doing fine in your prior job for seven years till they came around. This is not just for you. This is for your hisband and anyone else they support. Get your... show more

Why did Hooter's reject my job application?

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I have D cups and lots of sexy curves

Frustrated I don't always get paid?

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I like my office job as a temp. I get paid weekly (when I actually do get paid that is) and it suits my lifestyle and circumstances. However, whilst I like my job, the people, the location, etc, both my supervisors are incompetent when it comes to them putting my hours on the pay system (I work for a... show more

I don't want to do this event that this group is hosting on a week night because it's very far from where I live, and I am a college student and can't afford to be doing it every Monday. I already said I would do it not realizing how far it was. I figured I'll go to first event but I want to skip... show more

I am 67 work fulltime. Can I apply for social security and still work?

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Question about Job interview!! Please help?

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Long story short, I have BA in Finance and am applying to be a Banker next Monday. My question is, I was planning on saying, "I have no family of own and no other activies, which is why I 'll be able to work 7 days a week if needed". The problem is, do you think saying that will backfire or help... show more

Online jobs to make a steady $150 per week?

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Anyone know an online job that can make me $150 per week? I'm a full time college student with a part time job that only give me 8 hours per week. I need another $150 per week to get by. Any suggestions?

Best answer: It's possible to pay every one every day. But, here's the scenario: the employer has 2500 employees. At the end of every day, they have to verify the number of hours that every employee worked. Then, they have to either count out cash to 2500 people or calculate and print 2500 checks. If they handed out... show more

I want to know how come someone who has been incarcerated whether they have been incarcerated in jail for one year or they have served prison time how come when they get out how come they are able to find a job pretty quickly yet someone who has not had a job employees are not likely to hire them?

In a fantasy story?

Is there anything wrong with being quiet at work ?

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As most people I know , go to work don’t talk to anyone and just do there job . Is there anything wrong with that , I feel it’s the best way to avoid problems , to avoid anything . Silence means you just don’t want the headaches ...another reason is being I feel certain people whom I work with are fake to my face... show more

I get paid by the install. Is it legal? I’m still in their system as an employee, so they haven’t fired me.

Sixty three lost job of fourty years?

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Best answer: Your pension is almost surely vested, which means you'll still get it. It won't be quite as much as if you could have worked the extra few years. Although there are age discrimination laws, you'd have a pretty impossible time proving that's why you didn't get hired, and some employers might... show more