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Best answer: No. If you go for the screening and they find skin cancers, that is pre-existing condition. You pay out of pocket for any treatments.

I m 17 years old and saw I m getting taxed for Employee Medicare. I was wondering if is is a health care plan. If it is, I would like to know if I can opt out of the payment because I am a dependent on my parent s health care plan.

Best answer: What does nursing have to do with Health Insurance? Just because she is a good nurse doesn't mean she appropriately comprehends the financial risks of going uninsured. I assume at least 20% of requests on sites like GoFundMe are fraudulent anyway...maybe she does have coverage and is just trying to raise... show more

I'm going through a lot turmoil in my life and after talking to some friends, I decided that I want to try seeing a therapist to try and see if that would help me though this difficult time that I'm having. I can't afford to pay full price but heard from a friend that you can use your health insurance... show more

Best answer:,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D Most people if they never have lost their job and lost their health insurance, have no clue how much your insurance (really) costs, due to most employers pay the... show more

Best answer: Because Verizon doesn't make its users take an IQ test to join this site.

My employer changed its health insurance company. I was getting treated for acne. Please take it easy on me. I don’t know this stuff. I’m only 23.

I need help finding insurance.?

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I just found out that I m pregnant. The insurance I had with my parents just ended and I really don t know what to do. This wasn t planned and I m scared. Neither my or my fiance s job offer insurance. I don t know what to do, I ve looked at Humana and unitedheath but I don t qualify. Please help. What are other... show more

How to get health insurance soon?

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I am 5 weeks pregnant and need insurance now. The health care insurance enrollment ended now. What other health insurance do you recommend. Thanks!

My employer did not notify me of cancel insurance coverage and did not send me a COBRA letter. HR person text me and said I have coverage thru Dec 31. Received letter from Doctor that visit was not covered and must Pay over $500. Is this my responsibility or my past employer?

I could be making more money but I m on SSI and I d lose my HMO blue option Medicare. I want to live my life but this health insurance thing is kinda f***ing me over. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Insurance problem ):?

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So a couple months ago my insurance policy was at the end of its term, I made the last payment, then I switched policies. But I guess they automatically renewed my policy with out me knowing or consenting. I’ve been up to date with my current insurance not missing one payment, but I got a letter from a debt... show more

Would I qualify for Medicaid?

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I am a 22 year old with health issues (mainly Severe Asthma and Allergies that I was born with). I currently live with my mother but make my own seperate income and file my own taxes. My mother was approved for Medicaid, but I have been turned down before. She is 63 years old and has some health problems + is on... show more

Best answer: Under the ACA, covers preventative colonoscopies. Because you have a current medical need (i.e. previous polyps), the colonoscopy is unlikely to be called preventative. - you can check with the billing department of the facility on how much they will charge and with the insurance company to determine the... show more