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I have a very old house, with shiplap boards as the wall. The baby sleeps in the room that is attached to both the kitchen and the living room. All of the ones I have tried are super quiet. I need something that can be loud enough to drown out the sounds of cooking, vacuuming, talking, ect. Please... show more

The tracking device would alert police and security anytime a machine gun is by a school or an event where mass casualtys could take place and it would be placed somewhere inside the gun where it cant be tampered with or authoritys would be notified, I dont wanna procrastinate on raising awarness because i already... show more

I have a samsung level on pro headset, and the bluetooth sound is sooo low! But when I hook a cord/wire to it, the sound is amazing. I tried using it on other phones and the same results. I even have it fully charged and still the same. My brother gave them to me after finding them at the gym. (He works there btw,... show more

Multiple 9v & AA battery circuit?

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I have a bank of 9, 9v batteries that are wired parallel, I want to get to 12v for a new usb smart charger to work; Iā€™m going to use 2 AA batteries to get up to 12. My question is, once the AAs run dry, will the amperage passing through them from the 9v bats keep the circuit at 12v?

I'm not intelligent enough to. šŸ˜ž

My scale isnt working...?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
I have a salter digital scale (9057 SV3R) and it wont turn on. It does have battery but is unresponsive. Does anyone have any idea why? I really need to weigh myself.

I did not sign up for Amazon prime?

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Best answer: Yes; and that's EXACTLY why they were invented !

Police and Fire Scanner?

5 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: All scanners will receive NOAA weather frequencies, so that's covered. Look up your area on RadioReference.com and find the frequencies for other desired services. Be aware that many agencies, police departments in particular, have "gone digital", and many of those are also encrypted. More... show more

the typewriter is a portable manual Olympia from 1955 or something. It works fine and is in great condition until it hits the middle of the page. Then the carriage stops , I can still type but the letters layer over each other. It's not until I press the shift key does it unstick and I can continue writing.... show more

I need help with my tabelet?

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Very basic ham radio for cw cost?

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Hi I was wondering what exactly I would need to purchase for cw on ham radio. All I m interested in is cw and I was wondering estimated how much I would need to spend for everything for sending and receiving cw around the world. Also what license would I need for worldwide cw. Also I ve heard there s thin corded... show more

I bought a smart tv to use as a display for my computer. It works as a display but doesn't show up in my computers sound settings as an available sound device. It uses HDMI and is connected to a graphics card