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So I moved to this new apartment a year ago and it has a napco gt alarm installed, but the landlord never mentioned anything about it. I was wondering if there’s a way of just buying a subscription online from napco to activate it, without bothering my landlord.

i have a windows 7 desktop computer, custom built, and i have a blu-ray drive in it - i bought lord of the rings animation film from 1978 months ago on blu-ray...and when i watched it using cyberlink on my computer, there was an advertisement playing before it took me to the main film blu-ray menu?.....why is... show more

I’ve had it a while and the thing is I haven’t used it for a while nor do I remember where I got it from. How do I figure out what batteries it needs? I have no idea as I can’t remember

Best answer: It should be covered under Nokia's "Sidewalk Breakage Coverage".

It's an old stereo and the FM antenna attaches to the stereo with two bare wires that clip into two ports marked 75 ohm. Every antenna I see in the online stores has some kind of a plug at the end but my stereo needs bare wires, not a plug.

PIR sensor.. How does it work?

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Yesterday I was exploring an abandoned building and noticed a PIR on the wall. I came toward it reallyy slowly because i had no idea whether it works... So I was walking very slowly and then it suddenly flashed when i came closer, but didnt turn on an alarm. Why? Could the speakers be smashed or is it how it... show more

I lost mine while moving. The safety bolts come pre attached and no size is listed in the manual.

Best answer: gkgpldpr

Is fasebook really closing down?

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Best answer: I heard this rumor as well. I think we just need to fase the facks and realize that it won't be around for long.

En mi cuarto yo tenía un foco LED, normal y prendía perfectamente, hoy lo quise cambiar por un foco inteligente y cuando puse el foco inteligente no prendio, al principio pensé que no servía el foco pero lo puse en otro cuarto y ahí sí prendio, así que regrese a intentarlo en mi cuarto y no prendía, así que puse el... show more

They will work fine for awhile then they will start disconnecting, is it because they don't work as well with a galaxy? Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m going to build a power bank, but I’m confused on which mAh battery to order. I understand the basics about mAh and Ah but I’m quite confused about how actual hours translate into mAh’s. If the output Is going to be 5 volts, and I wanted to make my battery last for example, 1 hour, how many amp hours or... show more

How the electronic field works?

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