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Best answer: And liberals think there is no such thing as fake news.

Work Lunch - do you take packed lunch or eat out?

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Why is Ben Franklin on the $100 bill?

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Why is he the only non president on money?

Best answer: No if she is working there as a second job, but yes if that's her only job.

They both seem to have developed (together/) a view that should do what you think is WRONG if it involves religion. But we know that is wrong but do you see this development also?

Best answer: Always start form the end that points north. That way you're eating it downhill.

Atheists, what are your feelings about Ultima Thula?

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Do i tip the waitress?

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Okay so I walked into Steak and Shake thinking that it was like mcdonalds where you order and then sit down. I did not think it was a restaurant with a waitress and everything. So I told them that I would like my food to go instead of for here and now i’m kinda sitting here awkwardly... Do I tip the waitress when... show more

From stealing riffs, lyrics, theme, to even their name (a little garage band had the name before them, but spelled it Zepplin). Jimmy Page playing with a bow, wow, how original. Because we have never seen an bow played on an instrument :/sarcasm. Robert Plant was not the first frontman to orgasm into the mic... show more

Best answer: White House chefs are not working due to shutdown

What is British men known for?

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Has Kim Jong un ever eaten mcdonalds?

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I know North Korea isnt very popular but there must be at least one Mcdonalds there. I just wonder if Kim jong un has ever visited it.

What food are you craving right now?

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Best answer: imitation crab meat with cocktail sauce and lemon. can eat that forever.

Why is mcdonalds' menu so stupid?

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Yesterday i went to mcdonalds by myself for the first time. I ordered a cheeseburger but when they gave me my order i didn't get fries and soda like the other customers did. I told the person at the desk that i didn't get my fries and soda. He asked if i meant to get a menu. I said "no" because... show more