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I ate at a restaurant yesterday and today while I was checking my bank account, I saw that the waiter had changed the tip amount to give herself a larger tip the night originally giving her. What should I do about this?

Best answer: It is now time for you to take care of your neighbor's needs. Part of her being critical could be from the illness. Don't take it personally. I'm sure she is dealing with a lot and that is a coping mechanism for her.

It seems only the cheap, high profit foods are priced reasonably, like chicken, salads, and pasta, other foods like shrimp, steak, etc, cost almost 20 bucks per person! I give up, from now on I only eat at home or in a diner.

Do they not dine out in Russia?

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Best answer: A lot.

Do you know any of these foods?

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What should I get to eat?

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What type of food and why? Or particular restaurant

I’ve seen so many theories about them getting the leftover pizza and reheating it and that’s so gross, I don’t wanna eat that ****!

Best answer: If I'm paying for it then I will say something. I work hard for my money so if I'm going to spend it I want to get what I want out of it. (Just sayin)

Restaurant bill??!?

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If the restaurant bill was 26.54 and I wanna pay with a debit card. Do I directly tell server to take 26.54 off the card?

I am not saying it was the most affordable place but seems like the prices have doubled.

Chicken or Cat?

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Best answer: Was it good?

I went to a bbq place w/ my family and I told my dad my order when he was at the counter, then went to sit at our table with my mom. He comes back with his and my mom’s order and I eat up that half pound good. It hadn’t been 20 minutes when I finished it along with my serving of mac and cheese. My family seemed... show more

I've always wondered this since restaurants mostly have customers pay for their order towards the end of their visit. If I were to eat at a restaurant, receive the bill and not be able to pay for it due to not having enough money on me... what would happen?

I've been out three times and been served horrid wine which I've refused to pay for. I also needed to explain that for this reason I wouldn't be leaving a tip. has anyone else noticed this?

Best answer: A lot of restaurants will not take a reservation for "a party of one". Howsoever, that never stopped me from dining alone. The problem I have with dining by myself is not the fact that I get to enjoy a peaceful dinner by myself, it is the ridiculous pathetic look I get from the hostess who says... show more

Best answer: Red Lobster for dinner or Chinese Dim Sum for a lazy lunch

It was all baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts in winter, now places seem to offering all kinds of salads and lighter, spring-time flavors.

What could it be? When I touched the black stuff, it left a charcoal color smudge on my finger it was pure black. Is it part of the tea or something else?