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i’m in 11th grade but i’m taking college credit classes and I start tomorrow and it’s a lecture type class that’s only on fridays for 2 hours... it’s a community college so there will be people of all ages but i’m still so nervous idk why...

The state school I go to claims that all their students could make 40K first year out but I doubt that

So I had my first class the other day, and everything is so fast paced, I got the feeling I’m not going to be able to keep up, let alone pass the class. It’s very overwhelming for me since I haven’t sat in a classroom in a good 2 yrs. I read the chapters and everything but I can’t retain ****, also doesn’t help... show more

Best answer: Because of your bad grades, I suggest you go to a community college.

Best answer: How much acceptance do you need? It will never be 100%. The situation is changing and you don't have to look at too much history to see it. 50 years it was not okay to be openly homosexual. In the 70's it was rebellious to be homosexual, in the 80's it was courageous to come out as homosexual. ... show more

Best answer: Having two associate degrees doesn't necessarily "look bad." The real issue is that an AA or AS degree isn't worth much. It isn't equivalent to earning a BA or BS degree and probably won't qualify you for a position that prefers or requires a bachelor's. If this is your only option,... show more

Best answer: You already know the answer to this question and the advice you receive from Yahoo Answers are no more creditable and intelligent that the advice your temporary boy friend is giving you....time to move up, you've outgrown the current model.

Best answer: Who cares what they think or do, you're there to finish your education, not to play with young people. they don't need a babysitter.

Tutor for college students?

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It’s sort of embarrassing, but it’s my truth. I am bad at math, and keep failing my math classes in college. I am good with one on one, is there tutors out there for college students? I really need it.

Best answer: Perhaps you should look at private medical schools because they won't limit their admissions to in-state residents. Examples include Baylor, Vanderbilt, St. Louis U., Washington U. in St. Louis, Northwestern, Loyola, Case Western Reserve, U. of Rochester, Creighton, the Mayo Clinics in Minnesota and Arizona... show more

Should i just drop out of college?

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I dont feel mentally prepared for college. Currently, one of my English professors has me reading a book that i dont understand any of. My vocabulary is bad so im finding myself searching online for summaries just too help me understand the book. I have no clue how i will write a 1000 page essay if i dont... show more

Best answer: go to the deans office again

Best answer: I ducked out of going on one of my college trips, didn't do me any harm. But I think if I was to do it again I would probably have gone.

For instance, if a person works at a store or restaurant for 10-15 years instead of pursuing a career, do you look down on them? Or do you respect that they're part of the working class?

Two of my classes require me to read entire books which i hate. If i read a quick summary on spark notes will it be enough to pass the course?