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I tried registering online and I have a ban on me registering. I did screw off in school a few years back. I'm Going to go to the college and check it out Wednesday. Knock on wood. Wish me luck. Any suggestions? Thank you.

I have a really low GPA, low SAT score, no awards or extracurriculars, and have not applied to any colleges yet. I am currently a senior in high school. My parents are able to financially afford it, but my academic credentials are so bad that I feel too embarrassed to apply to any college whatsoever. Could my... show more

Ive heard the name doesnt matter Ive also heard that there is a reason for their reputation

Best answer: For purposes of your book, you could use Harvard, Yale or Princeton. They are all old-wealth schools and their names and status would probably be familiar to your readers.

Im in my first year of college due to financial issues and im 22. I want to pursue a law degree and if everything goes well id finish when im 29-30 and was curious if thats pretty late? Would me just beginning at that age work against me? competing with 24,25 and 26 year olds for job and respect

Best answer: A PhD is NOT a course. It is research into a subject. Usually 3 years with a thesis at the end. You would need a BSc and a MSc,. My son has a PhD in Polymer Physics, you have to be super Brainey. UK

Does a degree define success?

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I am really stressing right now. I am 20 credits shy of graduating with my bachelors degree and I am currently on probation. I have to pass all of my classes with a c or better. If I don’t, I will not be eligible for financial aid. I have been through a lot that has caused me to plummet in school. I went from being... show more

Best answer: A 1.7?? And I thought I was bad when I graduated with a 3.0! Anyways, your high school GPA does matter if you have hopes of going to a 4-year university. Unless you're going into a for-profit scam school like Phoenix or Devry, you won't be able to get into a decent college that will be respected by... show more

Best answer: it mostly depends on your interest levels and aptitudes I found that calculus required considerable digging and thinking to get it to make sense - the basic principle is easy but putting it all into practice gets strange sometimes I found organic chem to require a lot of memorization (I was not fond of that) -... show more

Hi all! I have a weird question about an admissions process, and all answers are welcome. Last year around this time I got waitlisted for a program that I wanted to apply into for my undergrad. The way the program works is that you apply into it your sophomore year of undergrad and then if you don't get in then... show more

Best answer: To apply at another college, you MUST list all prior colleges attended, and submit official transcripts from each one. Failure to do so is fraud, and grounds for denial of admission, or revocation of admission. You cannot be dishonest. You won't get over that - your reputation will be dirt. IF you got off to a... show more

I'm looking for an honest answer. Don't worry about my feelings. I'm a 22 year old girl, born and living in California. I graduated high school when I was 18, like most people. I worked a minimum wage job at a dinner for 4 years. Now, I feel like a loser for being 22 and not being in school in yet. I... show more

Best answer: Some companies will train you and slowly Increase your salary based on production And skill level and how good a worker you Are. You could become a real estate broker Or stock market agent or a lots of other Professional workers. Which career road You take is up to you. You gotta work With energy and stay focused... show more

I have always struggled with math, and one of the classes I need to take is college algebra. I want to avoid taking any lower math classes since I m broke, and they cost money :/, trying to get this degree at the lowest cost since i m paying out of pocket. what are some good resources for me to study and practice... show more

I google "tax accountant salary" or "accountant salary" and on average its about $60,000 when compiling data from payscale, BLS and indeed.com. Much less than Psychologists, Engineers, nurses, professors etc. Not much higher than police officers , truck drivers , electricians and... show more