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Hello! I graduated from a 4 year university this past May. I was on academic and athletic scholarship and was under the impression that I was not paying for my school because of all the scholarships. I began receiving emails in October 2018 from Great Lakes (loan company) saying that my first loan payment is due in... show more

This is my senior year and for the FAFSA i'm reporting my 2017 income and also i'm older, 29 and only report my own income. In 2017 I made about $7500 total. One friend was telling me that you don't have to report that to them if you made under $10,000. Do I still need to report it and they'll count... show more

Best answer: When a change occurs on the FAFSA, notification is sent to the student's email. So, unless you used an email your mother has access to, she wouldn't receive the notice. However, in order to receive a financial aid package, you generally have to be accepted by the school. Which means you have to apply,... show more

I recently got accepted into my schools nursing program for an associates degree. However, I cannot afford it. My parents cannot help and I cannot get a loan. I do not receive financial aid. I have been paying everything out of pocket. My parents say I should wait until I am 23 because I am considered an... show more

Please how do i get a scholarship?

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Best answer: They'll likely just ask for the money back, as they don't usually prosecute. But then you're stuck with a bill you weren't planning on.

I was told you have to live in the state of Florida for a year before you qualify for financial aid like a pell grant. Is that true?

I’m currently a senior in high school and applying for college/fafsa, but my dad has never payed taxes since he works under the table. Is there a way around this situation and apply for financial aid regardless?

I applied to my local community college. But i only got $580. I still gotta pay $880 not inlcluding books. How do i pay off the rest?

I dropped out for 2 years and know im going back. Am i alone or have more people done this?

Best answer: Theoretically it is possible to have a portion of your loans forgiven. But the reality is that it's not likely and could actually cost you more. In order to qualify for forgiveness of federal student loans, you have to be enrolled in certain income based payment plans that extend your loan term from the... show more

like travel etc? The problem is I don't want them knowing how much money I have in my bank account, will they require a bank statement which will show my balance?

Best answer: If you are on public assistance, some states have programs to match people up with dependable used cars - speak to your social worker.

Student loans?

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Best answer: Or, you could join the military for 4 years and contribute to the GI Bill. And upon your honorable discharge you would have some college money you would never have to pay back. You could also get the right job in the military (most likely easiest if you join the Air Force) and you might be able to go to school part... show more

i've been recently researching about how much money elders 65+ get every month from the government. I don't know what its called but when i searched up free money for elders, it doesn't give me any results i wanted. I want to find out how much Canada gives to its elders compared to the U.S. What is the... show more

Best answer: Some of the denials are due to paperwork errors. Some are due to ineligible repayment plans. Some are due to irregular repayment which disqualifies them. Some are due to the mistaken belief that ANY public service qualifies the borrower.