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Best answer: It's at least a long talking-to.

Is cancer actually saving you?

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Best answer: There's a reason Big Pharma is "hiding" the "cure." It's because cancer should NOT be cured. The reason people (idiots) die from it is after they get "treatment" which is actually a death machine. The world is full of losers though, what can I say. Big Pharma is taking over.

Best answer: There are many operatives here, actively working to destroy the site......this much is true. The problem with the internet, is that it gives really angry, mentally unstable people, far too many platforms to vent their spleens. Whereas before, such ranting and anti-social behavior would get them arrested or... show more

I am not American, I am French, here in France a teacher earns $ 93,000 a year, in the US the average teacher salary is $ 60,000 a year.

I got a call from my sons teacher?

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5th grade teacher called me a loser?

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Best answer: it would be helpful to know if you are a student or a peer of the teacher lol

Why is math mandatory teaching?

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Best answer: Legal advise. Sue the bollocks off them. Good Luck

Best answer: I am assuming you are very young. Yes, it does not matter how strict the subject is or how strict the Professor is. If a family member is dying, the Professor must allow for a makeup exam. No exception on that.

Best answer: This probably happens, I would hope the teacher reconsiders her/himself and quits.

Best answer: The teacher can ask. The student may refuse. It would then likely get escalated to the Principal/VP. If there is an officer on campus they would get involved. Your rights are limited on a public school campus and the conditions for search are not as stringent on the outside. Remember, the school administrators... show more

Anyone want a free tutor?

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How to deal with a bad teacher?

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My history teacher just reads from powerpoints. She's nice, but can't teach sht unless she has all the info on the screen for her to read from. She can't go up to the board, get a marker, and write down notes by herself. It's all powerpoints. And she says she "loves" history. Fcking liar.... show more

Best answer: I think a better punishment would have been suspended, for 1 month, and detention, for 2 weeks. Just to make things more interesting. The 2 boys should go to school, for 2 weeks wearing only girl clothes, so 1 month should be suspension, 2 weeks detention, and another 2 weeks only wearing girl clothes to... show more