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Besides the obvious, what are some good egg based dishes?

10 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 6 hours ago
Obvious being scrambled, hard boiled, poached, omelet, toad in the hole, etc Oh, and meatless.

What Is Your 1st and 2nd Favorite Shake Flavor?

15 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 22 hours ago
Best answer: Vanilla. Chocolate.

How to cook chicken? And steak?

10 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 12 hours ago

Would you pay $9 for a hamburger at a farmer's market?

17 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 9 hours ago
I went to a local FM and a guy was there cooking food. I looked at the posted menu and the price of a hamburger was $9 and a cheeseburger was $15. I though "Wow! They must be HUGE or fancy in some way, but they looked like ordinary burgers to me. I could buy a family-size package of hamburger in the... show more

Best answer: Hm. Two things I use, but could live without ;) I think a handheld immersion blender is a great, thrifty replacement for most of what a blender does (if you make blended cocktails or milkshakes - you do need the real blender). I have a grill pan that I use to cook vegetables and I actually love it, but I probably... show more

Vegan friend annoying me with "meat causes cancer"?

17 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 10 hours ago
He keeps going on about how I'm gonna get cancer if I keep eating meat with antibiotics, vaccines etc. I explain to him that grass fed meat has nothing but all the vitamins in there that I need. I don't eat factory farm rubbish anyways. Trying to explain meat does not cause cancer to him just goes in one... show more

Do you prefer frozen corn, corn on the cob, or corn in the cans?

22 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 1 day ago
Best answer: Corn on the cob gets a 10 out of 10. Frozen corn gets a 6 or 7 out of 10. Canned corn gets a 2.

Poll. Which breakfast do you prefer?

49 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 3 days ago
1. Bacon egg and cheese sandwich 2. Waffles 3. Pancakes 4. French toast

Is being vegan healthy?

17 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 16 hours ago
I was thinking about being a vegan but I don’t know. First, I just generally don’t really want to. It would be very hard. I want realistic answers, if you advocate for it, please don’t erase the cons because I know that there are some. Actually a more accurate thing to ask is “is it worth it?”

Do sandwiches freeze well?

22 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 1 day ago
I tend to spend alot while I m at work on sandwiches was thinking about doing a pile and frezzing them. Was thinking stuff like egg salad , cheese salad , cooked fresh chicken. For me it would save me so much time than buying everything fresh on the day and peeping it.

What drink do you drink the most?

85 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 4 days ago
Best answer: Diet Pepsi..........

I am veagan but i eat gummy bears?

19 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 2 days ago
my friend says im not veagan anymore?

Are potato’s a vegetable or starch ?

26 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 3 days ago
Best answer: Potatoes are a starchy vegetable, that's why they are so delicious!

What taste better : bone in or boneless pork chops?

13 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 13 hours ago
Best answer: Bone in by a mile. Especially the meat by the bone. I just posted some squash I made for last night's dinner - this is the BONE-IN pork chops it went with ;)

If you eat kale, how do you personally like to have it?

12 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 7 hours ago
I was scared to eat it raw but then a made a salad with it and to my surprise, I didn't taste any bitterness. I also made a smoothie with it and if I do not add enough apple juice, it does taste bitter. so i balance it out with other greens and juice... What about you?

Some I remember from when I was a child and I am in my 60s. They are metal cans. I looked at them and there are no bugs and they smell good. Seems a shame to waste them.

Is it rude to order steak if my girlfriend is vegetarian?

53 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 4 days ago
She knows what I'm about. If I don't eat meat everyday, I might die.

Does store bought potato salad freeze well?

10 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 6 hours ago