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My mom was telling me to fetch some groceries and she handed me a 20. I just folded it and crammed it down my cleavage because my leggings didn’t have pockets. My mom laughed when she saw me do that and told me it looks cheesy. I really didn’t get what she meant; it’s been a nifty place for me and I’ve never lost... show more

Best answer: Its up to them if they want to look "fly" then sure but what really counts is personality

What color skirt should a man wear?

9 answers · 12 hours ago

I often get told it's "inappropriate" to wear to watches to other's weddings, but why so? I have never been to a wedding but I found this "don't" a bit strange. I mean, wouldn't it be worse to watch your cellphone if you NEED to check the time later on the event? Dressy as... show more

What type of skirts should men wear?

8 answers · 17 hours ago
Best answer: Any kind they want

I'm a guy and I just find them comfortable to wear. Is this a problem?

My husband is 6'1 and weighs about 250 lbs. and I need to buy him a suit and pants, but I'm not sure what size he needs. Can someone help me out?

It's 18°F out today, and I miss warm weather. What is the acceptable temperature to start wearing sandals?

Should a man wear hat with a skirt?

7 answers · 17 hours ago
Best answer: If he wants to, sure. A couple of days ago I saw a man in a peach colored body dress and he clearly hadn't shaved his face for days. The old rules are pretty much done. Wear what you please.

Best answer: Because they are cool and people like your boots (the color, the style, the brand, etc...)

Best answer: Whatever is most comfortable on you. Everyone's feet are different.

Best answer: It looks great on her with that outfit. Not sure how it would look on a larger lady.


Best answer: PRL I'll wear Walmart stuff for work but the designer stuff just fits and feels so much better.

Best answer: use the ones you prefer