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When I’m at my boyfriends house, his cats come into the bedroom and jump on the bed or rummage around trying to find food EVERY NIGHT. And it’s very very annoying because I’m pregnant so I struggle to get to sleep anyway because often at night I’m nauseous, so if I wake up I find it hard to get back to sleep. When... show more

Dog attack gone wrong?

16 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
So if my dog dug a hole and got out of my backyard and went down the street and was attacked by another dog that was outside, not on a leash, but my dog ended up hurting the other dog pretty bad, who is at fault for the dogs injuries

I know some bones can crack teeth while others can actually help keep them healthy and clean. I just got a 4 month old Beagle pup a week ago and want to get her onto it. My mum gives her lil Chihuahua a whole chicken leg quarter as a dinner meal once a week instead of dog food which seems to be working great. I... show more

Poll: what comes to mind when you hear the word animal?

17 answers · Other - Pets · 2 days ago

What dog breed would you recommend?

20 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
Best answer: The benefit of adopting a dog nowadays is that most come with a good description of what you're getting into. Many dogs are listed as liking cats, kids, other dogs, etc., so you have that going for you. Cats are very territorial animals and you could have real behavioral problems on your hands if you don't... show more

Should I leave water out for my dog all day?

11 answers · Dogs · 12 hours ago

Should I have my dog neutered?

23 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago
He's a 21 m/o, 20 lbs cattle dog mix. I wanted to wait until 2 yrs for neutering, but within the span of 6 months, he got two bacterial infections in his p*enis (which would probably stop if neutered, according to the vet), so I made an appointment. Now I'm having doubts. He's well-behaved. He... show more

I'm in a comment war with someone who thinks their German Shepherd Dogs have the right to bite someone who even looks at them (The owner) the wrong way.

How can I change the color of my cat's hair?

12 answers · Cats · 1 day ago
Yeah you know I love my little kitty cat Mittens, but I wanted to make him yellow. I tried yellow paint but he got really agitated. Yeah and now he's mad at me. How can I change his hair color so that he won't get upset?

Good hypoallergenic dog breeds?

10 answers · Dogs · 23 hours ago
I have a havanese and me and my dad are both allergic to dogs and i have literallu 0 reaction to my dog and my allergist even said too. and yes, im well aware ThErEs No SuCh tHiNg as a hyoallergenic dog but theres breeds that are better for allergies (like mine) what are some recommenced breeds? my close friend is... show more

What is your favorite dog breed?

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Best answer: German Shepard, Belgin Malinoui, and Australian Shepard -- the smartest dogs in the world.

Sos kittens in trouble?

10 answers · Cats · 1 day ago
I have 2 baby kittens their mother left the home with 4 of them and never came back the problem is that at first 4-5 days the kittens were so loud and crying a lot probably missing their mom..But 2 days now they rarely meow and they wont move a lot i have put them in a box with a small blanket so they wont get... show more

I shot my girlfriend's dog. why is she upset?

9 answers · Dogs · 20 hours ago
she has a pitbull [theyre violent animals that should be illegal] and it got a ferocious look in its eyes when it saw me and growled. i figured it was so gonna attack me. so i shot it. she got really upset why? it's totally justified.