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and were served cream of mushroom soup, mushroom pasta, mushroom and sausage pizza, and mushroom pot pie?

How old is she?

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How do I help my dog gain weight?

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What’s the most safest way to help a dog gain weight? What are things I can add to her food to help her? And how often? Please let me know thanks so much:) BTW she’s not severely underweight so there’s know reason to call the vet or anything... she just needs a few extra pounds on her that’s all:)

Do all puppies have worms?

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Am I annoying my snake?

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Hi I have a male boa constrictor he is almost 6 months old very young but cute. I like to kiss him and he doesn’t seem to like it But also doesn’t hate it. I also tickle him but he does seem to hate that and goes fast. I know snakes stress out easily but hes never hissed and has been a model wonderful active snake... show more

It seems as though they are conditioned eyed cyclops In all the long time they have been on here not one word of encouragement goes to the Country that feeds and houses them. Why do we import those people into our country

Can dogs get high?

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Best answer: Do not give your dog anything that will hurt them. Giving your dog drugs could hurt them and will cause them to be very slow and scared.

What crop do you recommend for a Dobermann?

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I have a young black and rust Dobermab Pincher that I just got from a Washington breeder. I have been trying to figure out what type of crop I should use for it, I am going to show it. I really like the medium crop, but any suggestions?

Hair loss in cats?

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my cat has a small sore on the back of her neck and all the hair is gone and the skin looks red, it seems to be getting bigger so I dont know what to do

Since dogs don't like to be left alone for 8 hours a day

She moved in for just a temporary basis. She moved in under the understanding that she could not have cats as my husband and I are very allergic. I would need to move if she had her cats, but my heart is breaking for her. I’m extremely frustrated. She came to me crying last night because he dropped them off at a... show more

Could Europe fall to Islam ?

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Our Christian brethren especially in Eastern Europe such as Serbs, Greeks, Spanish have fought Islam and kept them at bay for centuries. But could it be that our bleeding heart liberals and loony left have finally opened the floodgates sealing our doom? I'm not long for this world, but what will they do to... show more

Recently my puppy became seriously ill so had her treated at the vet. The bill was close to $1000. I was $5 short (cause final bill was way higher than their estimate). So I promised them I'd pay next time I come in. A couple weeks later they sent me a demand letter to pay $5 and slapped on a $10 invoice fee... show more

Sometimes when I can't find him, I search the whole house and then there he is sitting in the toilet all damp/wet. Looks like he's been sitting in there for ages. It's pretty gross. Why's he doing it and can I get him to stop. Also he lifts open the lid. I've been closing since the first time.