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I ask cause sometimes I ask my dog for a kiss and he just turns his head away.☹️

Best answer: I'm glad you are waiting to drink. Babies get fetal alcohol syndrome if the mother drinks while pregnant.

My 4 year old English staffy has killed and badly injured 2 cats. My neighbours cats from both sides of my house ( 2 seperate neighbours) both times the cats were in my yard. He badly injured my elderly neighbours cat last night, I assume it will die from the injuries, it had no blood but was paralysed. The cat was... show more

My boyfriends dog killed his other dog?

8 answers · Dogs · 6 hours ago
My boyfriend had one big dog and three small ones (two new ones that were brought temporarily by his parents). the two dogs from his parents are very rowdy and they tend to scuffle with each other, which usually freaks the big one out. the other day he woke up and fed the dogs only to find one of the small ones... show more

Why are my hamsters dying?

8 answers · Rodents · 10 hours ago
I ve had 3 hamsters die in the last month and I don t know why. The first one was almost 3 so it might have been old age but the 2nd hamster only lived 6 months and the 3rd only lived 2 weeks. They all appeared fine right before they died. They were active and eating/drinking. I feel like it s my fault but I don t... show more

My dog is suddenly getting aggressive?

9 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
My dog just moved into my apartment with me from my parent's backyard. She has never really shown signs of aggression, but the last few days, she's been growling at simple things like me putting on or taking off her harness. I have to use the harness (which she used to love) because she barks at other dogs... show more

My dog won’t eat after going to the groomers?

27 answers · Dogs · 4 days ago
Yesterday she was at the groomers (she’s an 8 year old Shih Tzu) and now she keeps quietly whining like almost a quiet grunting noise. She’s holding her neck out and also won’t eat. She’s drank some water though. She’s been coughing as if to puke but hasn’t eaten so won’t puke. Not moving around much. She’s always... show more

I have a sweet male cat i refuse to have declawed?

13 answers · Cats · 19 hours ago
I've read and re-read the pet rules in my lease,,and nowhere do i see anything about a cat having to be declawed to be allowed someones pet,yet the office manager is trying to enforce the can i fight this? Thankyou

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

11 answers · Cats · 7 hours ago
He follows me in the bathroom when I shower, downstairs, etc. Just wondering

Best answer: Most commentators think the deal per se is ok, the problem they are having is with the 'backstop' I don't doubt she can sort that out with the EU at some point.

How much water should I let my dog drink?

17 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
My dog is a labrodour schnoodle cross and he is almost one year old. I want to know how much water I should allow him to drink because I dont want him to have too much in case its bad for him and gets kidny problems or something like that.

Best answer: It is easy to sit back and criticise after the event but T.May has tried very hard to save the U.K. from the claws of the EU who who quite easily would like to bleed our country dry. Lets get out and stay out I say

Why is my dog acting weird?

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How do i force my cat to have Dinner with me?

14 answers · Cats · 2 days ago

What is your pets name?

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Which dog name do you like best?

12 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
1. Chewie 2. Charger 3. Chori 4. Cheddar 5. Chuma Or, if you don't like any of them please help me think of a name that starts with C or Ch, thanks!