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Best answer: Wow is she stupid....

Libs; is Joe Biden an inspiring candidate?

16 answers · Politics · 15 hours ago
Best answer: I'm not sure I'd say "inspiring"... kind of hard for younger generations to be inspired by most aging politicians...but I like him, even if part of it is local bias as he was my states senator for so long before making the state proud to have him chosen as VP. That said, while I'd have liked... show more

What is there to impeach him for right now? How could they possibly impeach him before the report is released anyway? What is wrong with this guy?

Best answer: might be your ex. she should get lots of votes from the guys she screwed other than you. that's a lot of votes dimwitri.

Describe Hillary Clinton in 3 words?

200 answers · Politics · 3 days ago

Best answer: Its not crazy its completely understandable and i wish i done it. He's presidency is utterly depressing and i have been very depressed myself the last couple of years. The good news is that were less then three weeks away from the midterms and Democrats may take control of the House of representatives. The... show more

Were you embarrassed by Obama while he was President?

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Describe Trump with one word?

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Best answer: Yes, and we realize he could be more boring but even more destructive.

Wages are still stagnant as they’ve been since Reagan, manufacturing jobs are still being outsourced, 93,000 in Trump’s first year, the unemployment rate is low, but most jobs being created are low wage. The economy sucks. Are you talking about the rich? I mean, sure, it is great for them. They were already super... show more

Why do Democrats hate a booming economy?

93 answers · Politics · 3 days ago
They keep saying his tarrifs are going to lead to another recession. LOL! They find anything to slate Trump. It's annoying. Are we going to have to hear this for the next six years?

Have you ever been falsely accused of racism?

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