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True or false: you look fabulous in orange?

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How has Trump ruined your life?

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Why can't the minimum wage be 20 an hour?

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What do you think Trump smells like these days?

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Should politicians be executed for lying?

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....How has Trump negatively impacted YOU personally?

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Best answer: He has urinated on the Constitution I was brought up to believe in.

Best answer: I wonder what kind of chaos and anarchy the republicans will create when he gets kicked out. Wouldn’t surprise me if they literally started mobs and stabbing people with pitch forks

Why do people have sex if they don’t want children?

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Even with birth control, you are always risking a pregnancy.

Why don't Democrats pack stadiums like Trump does?

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Trump's formal re-election kickoff rally in Orlando filled the 20,000 sit stadium and spilled over outside for more to view on big screens. Why is it when Democrats have rallies, they tend to number in the hundreds? Even superstars like Obama generally would get maybe 1k or 2k at a well publicized event.