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Where would you rather live Washington State or South Carolina?

8 answers · Other - United States · 2 days ago
Best answer: Depends if you like many days of light rain or a few days of extremely heavy rain. Air is cleaner as it blows off the Ocean in Everett. Both are nice depends on what is you plan to do when not on the job. The frequent things. Everett not as hot in the summer. Are you sure exactly where your work place will be?... show more

Is Prince Charles really 70 years old?

16 answers · Royalty · 2 days ago
This can't be true. I can remember when he was born. If he is 70 years old. Then he is a old man. And If he's an old man., then what am I? I can remember his whole life. when he was born, i toasted to the news of the future King with a bunch of my friends that are no longer here. I remember when he got... show more

Best answer: They all should step aside. nobody wants them.

I was told they would charge me $200 to change each ticket--which is about how much the tickets cost me. Which is preposterous. Other airlines charge $20-$40 to do this in many cases.

This is just a random Royal baby. It's never going to be King or Queen. It's never going to be Monarch. we have already got that spot secured. That spot is taken by Prince George thank you very much. So this Royal baby is a waste of time. Are we supposed to care about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Child? show more

Would the Queen support a "peoples vote" on Brexit.?

8 answers · Royalty · 17 hours ago
Best answer: No chance.

Best answer: i don't really care either, they need to get over it.


So why are you still playing the victim card? There were many other genocides committed on other groups but your story gets the spotlight, all the sympathies and like so many movies made about it. Its like you people are more important than everyone else. Other groups never got any sort of reparations and no... show more

Andrew Jackson was the best President ever?

6 answers · Russia · 35 mins ago

Y did Prince Harry dress up like a nazi for?

12 answers · Royalty · 3 days ago
Y did he think this would be a good idea?