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Why don't they just put a ban on inflation (if it is real not planned)?

11 answers · Other - Politics & Government · 8 hours ago

How much would it cost to fix up a 1977 corvette c3?

11 answers · Chevrolet · 1 day ago
I am thinking about buying a 1977 c3 corvette to fix up but was wondering what would be the range to fix it up and how much would it be worth when I want to sell it.

Where do I add the oil in my 92 accord?

8 answers · Honda · 2 days ago

The boy has no accidents, no violations, and has a 3.7 gpa.

Why is my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder getting poor MPG?

6 answers · Nissan · 11 hours ago
I've tuned it,put new catalytic converters and 02 sensors but it's only getting 10 mpg? I think it should be at least twice that.

How to be a Mercedes mechanic ?

6 answers · Mercedes-Benz · 11 hours ago
Always been a dream of mine and want to know what I need to do to head that direction

Should I sell my car?

10 answers · Lexus · 4 days ago
I bought a 2000 Lexus RX300 a few months ago. They are well known for their transmissions going out sometimes even before 100k miles. I’m currently at 245k still with the original transmission in it. Should I just sell it before it actually goes out?

The obd2 dont for my car since it says it works for 1996 models and up and i need to know so i can see why my brake and abs light is on my dash everytime i drive

Best answer: Close as I could find, although neither are a full summary spec sheet. Semper Fi, do or die. or Semper Gumby..........always flexible.

Where can I get a 1958 Plymouth Fury?

5 answers · Chrysler · 3 days ago

Is elliot the corgi a straight lad?

4 answers · Scion · 3 days ago
Best answer: No hes not

What's better a Mercedes or Honda?

5 answers · Mercedes-Benz · 2 days ago

Lowering Audi A5 ?

5 answers · Audi · 4 days ago
So I have an 2012 Audi A5 I wanna lower. I never done coilovers work so this is gonna be new to me. But couple of questions I have is. Do I need to buy new coilovers? If so then what? I would imagine ima have to go to a pro shop to get this properly done honestly. But any information on lowering my Audi A5 would be... show more

Should I have gotten a Ford Focus last month?

5 answers · Ford · 3 days ago
If it gets damaged will I be able to get it repaired or get new parts?

I’ve talked to repair shops about getting my car serviced and they charge more than I’ve seen dealerships charge. I wanted to know if I can take it to one of these dealerships to get it repaired or is that only the case for cars with warranties?

What are your favorite HIPPIE names which you can think of?

13 answers · Mahindra & Mahindra · 1 week ago