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How can I enjoy music again ?

5 answers · 3 days ago
I am in my late 50's .My computer is always broken. I want to incorperate music back into my life but how ? What Electronics do I need ? How do I get the music with a great , clear sound. ? As inexpensive as possible .

Headphones for total silence?

6 answers · 6 days ago
Hey! Do you know if there exist headphones which allow a total silence? In fact, I can t stand any noise when I m studying and I thought it would be an option. I ve bought headphones TUNE600BT which have active noise cancelling. However when I put on the active noise cancelling (without music), all I hear is... show more

She has a love for music?

7 answers · 1 week ago
My 13yo daughter loves listening to music in her room. Right now she has a Bluetooth earpiece that she uses while using her kindle to learn the songs lyrics. What’s a good Bluetooth equipped stereo/media player that she can use instead of the earpiece? I’m desperate for Christmas ideas

I've found that the most comfortable headphones for me are those old-style Sony Walkman-type over-the-ear headphones. I find in-ear headphones annoying. Only slightly behind are the modern over-the-ear headphones that completely cover your ears. Does anyone sell retro headphones?

Do i need an amp for my speaker?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
I bought a peavy 115 and i tried using it for virtual dj 8 the other day but the music played at a super low volume. I have a rca cable it connects to my mixer but im not sure if it requires a amp or its virtual dj not letting it work. I need to know asap

My radio cuts out at high volumes?

7 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Any stock low powered radio / stereo will "cut out" at high volume settings due distortion that overheats the voice coils in the speakers. You will eventually destroy your speakers by turning up the volume that loud. The only way to get clean, loud sound is to use a power amplifier and install speakers... show more

I keep hearing how popular vinyl records are. Will they become the dominant audio format?

Best answer: Assuming it is the earbuds that are exhibiting an issue, it really kind of depends on the issue and what is not working about them. Could be wiring (which is usually the culprit most of the time). And alternatively the Jack where the earbuds go in (could be the next culprit), the earbuds (speaker portion) could... show more

Best answer: Turning the screen off on your phone is not turning your phone off - it will still drain! If you are playing music it will drain just that little bit faster. Your phone is an electronic device, everything it does drains the battery!

Best answer: Sleigh my name, sleigh my name

Best answer: The connecting wire to the ear pieces is used as an aerial. An aerial does not have to be big or even externally visible for every application. Mobile phone aerials are hidden entirely within the phone but they still work. Blue-tooth aerials are hidden inside blue-tooth devices but they still work. FM radio,... show more