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hotspots nearby??? What if your stupid phone needs charging? What if the battery dies? Even in an emergency, you still can't depend on cellphones or smart phones! You would be much better off if you could find a pay phone booth! Cellphones and smart phones suck! They are NOT the wave of the future.

Best answer: there's going to be new phones that release this fall. so wait until they announce the new models then see which ones you want. but yes, some people do upgrade their phones every year to the new model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone x?

9 answers · 3 days ago

Yesterday I found an iPhone 7 when I was on my way home. The phone was just lying on the ground before I picked it up. There were scratches everywhere, however, the phone itself looks pretty new, just as if someone purchased it recently but wasn’t careful enough. I turned it on, but there was absolutely nothing —... show more

Galaxy or IPhone?

7 answers · 3 days ago

Best answer: From your homescreen tap on the menu app. Then look through your apps n find settings n tap on it. Then tap on My Device. Now tap on Language and Input. Tap Samsung Keyboard Settings. Look for Auto Replacement and turn it off from there. Now it will be off

How I ll change my mobile number?

5 answers · 6 days ago

Best answer: It means they havent deleted old voicemail messages and cant leave any more to them till they do

like 1.99 is 20 dollers

I m a pretty clumsy person and I ve dropped my current phone a lot (iphone SE) but luckily I have a good case and screen protector otherwise it would have been broken. I think I am ready for an upgrade but I don t know if I should get an iPhone 8 or 7. The reason why I m asking is because the Iphone 8 has a glass... show more

Do i have a spyware on my phone?

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I found this file called temp001 and it had a picture of two girls but the picture had been all messed up with a word "channel" and a dog picture all over the pic and i keep geting app installed into my phone without my knowledge and it seems some of my pics are getting deleted out of nowhere , and also... show more

Best answer: its called VOIP I use Obihai as my landline. I payed for the box once and its free for life as long as I have internet and a free callcentric account you can get multiple phone numbers with google voice It might have been simply screen sharing

Apple Or Samsung?

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