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When is a laptop considered to old to be of any good use?

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Can I add two 8gb ram sticks that are exactly the same?

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Is PNY a good brand for flash drives?

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they are MUCH cheaper than Sandisk

Max amount of RAM?

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Best answer: You are correct the max is 2GB. Although your motherboard is a 32 bit highway the address lines to the memory will only address. 2GB ie 1GB per slot

How to install windows on SSD?

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Okay. I’ve been literally doing this for 18hrs so anything helps. I bought an SSD to upgrade my HDD and am trying to install windows on it. I have a USB with the windows setup in it. All other drives are unplugged so I already did that the sector is 4K on this one and my HDD is 512 so I can’t clone it. Whenever I... show more

Install a newCD drive?

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Why would my laptop still be slow after reset?

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What is the best soundcard for your computer?

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I purchased a computer that sound card sucks.... I'm not sure if the card is built into the motherboard or not... Would an external sound card solve the issue?

It pops up every single time I turn my laptop on and it's very annoying. I have tried to remove multiple programs to make it leave, but it just won't. What do I do? I have had it with that message. I get it that Acer Portal services have already been discontinued. ugh..

Difference between HDD and SSD storage - laptops.?

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I currently use a laptop with a 1TB SATA HDD, and have been noticing lots of speed defects with the laptop, along with a couple other issues that have led me to decide to go purchase a new laptop. I have my eye on one that has a PCIe NVMe SSD. Upon looking it up on Google, this tends to be the better option when... show more

Hi! I'm comparatively technology illiterate :) I have an old laptop with a broken screen that i'd like to get some files off of- of course with a broken screen I can't transfer to an external drive so it looks like I need to pull out the hard drive and get a caddy to be able to read the drive. My... show more

Do I record to HDD or SSD?

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Best answer: The main thing that wears out an SSD is writing data. Using a screen recorder constantly writes data (usually about 2.1 MB/s for the one I'm using) to the drive that the videos are stored on. It might not sound like much, but it adds up over time. A mechanical hard drive, on the other hand, is mainly worn out... show more

In first turon on after long rest it's temperature equals to 92°-93°, but after 2-3hours of using PC, it's temp. keeps rising till 99°-100° MB is gigabyte z170-hd3

Can WiFi signals damage data on my External Hard Drive?

What is the length 14 in laptop?

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