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Read this description in full. I got blocked because Facebook says that a comment I made on another post violates the terms of service. But instead of just blocking me from commenting on posts, they blocked me from everything. Sharing posts, updating my status, messaging my friends and sending friend requests.

Could you live without the internet?

7 answers · Other - Internet · 1 day ago

Is Reddit the worst public forum site ever?

12 answers · Other - Internet · 4 days ago
Best answer: Absolutely.

Did you know all white people have a troll gene?

5 answers · Facebook · 2 hours ago

I need my Facebook password?

3 answers · Facebook · 12 hours ago

Has YouTube gotten worse with the commercials?

9 answers · YouTube · 4 days ago
Best answer: A lot worse. Its crazy that you have to sit thru the ads that pop up in middle of a video

How did someone’s instagram following go down by thousands?

3 answers · Other - Internet · 21 hours ago
Best answer: Instagram usually detects bot accounts that follow you and delete the accounts, as they are not authentic.

What is your favorite youtube channel?

5 answers · YouTube · 2 days ago

Why I can't log I to my Facebook account?

4 answers · Polls & Surveys · 2 days ago

Why are there many people who support cyberbullying?

6 answers · Facebook · 4 days ago
Best answer: Some people are Jerks and have nothing Better to do on there own time then to Pick on other people Online there probably Bored with there Lives

Has anyone deleted their Facebook account, and why?

5 answers · Facebook · 4 days ago

I accident delete fb I want it back?

5 answers · Facebook · 3 days ago

Best answer: Yesterday I saw a video of Pakistani Muslim migrants in Tokyo calling for beheadings

Is facebook down??? today is 14 apr 2019?

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