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Do you need too update Java?

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Hi, how to keep myself buzy?

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Java Project?

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Best answer: Here's a cute Fibonacci trick you can try. It might give you an alternative way to get the answer, or a way to test your results after you've got the simple, boring approach working: double r5 = Math.sqrt(5.0); // square root of 5, used more than once double phi = (1.0 + r5) / 2.0; // the famous... show more

It says, cloud computing, design and planning. Is this related to meteorological experimentation? or precipitation forecast?

I was put into an group that I make awkward because I'm like the newbie. If I dont contribute, then I fail. Neither of them talk to or try to include me in the project. There's nobody else to work with so I'm stuck here.

I m not worried, but just curious. I know a browser s cache stores more or less the skeleton if a web page so it takes less data and time to load. My question is, however, does the cache also store whatyou do on the website to an extent ? I know technically the cookie is responsible for saving your password,... show more

there is this kpop forum that i came across a long time ago, but only recently i felt like opening an account. i m having problems since i m not familiar with the interface and the rules, i don t know how to make posts, it seems like they won t validate my profile. it s been months already, and i can only read and... show more

Best answer: Nope, how "dynamic" content is going to come from? That always involve some server-side.

im planing to start study new thing so which is better and more effective in work market ? 1- Java Android Mobile Development : 2- MCSA Web Applications ( MVC) 3- Oracle ADF 12c - JDeveloper Diploma 4- full stack Web Design & Web Development 5-Linux Administration

Best answer: from here on in, I will call you an 'aircraft carrier American' ...........................

Am i wasting my time mastering basic and procedural css,javascript,php? I know basics of these languages but i feel i need to master them even more, would i be better off mastering libraries and frameworks instead?