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How to do screenshot?

32 answers · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: You must be using an older version of Windows if you have only 1 Gig of ram. The only way that you can increase that memory with software is by increasing the virtual memory or paging file on your computer which uses up space on your hard disc and is painfully... show more

Example: list of websites bookmarked, Word documents, games, photos, music, etc.?

I've tried talking to those AI/chat bots, but they all stop making sense pretty quickly... Is there no AI that you could actually have a conversation with or does that not exist yet?

What is selenium?

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Best answer: Unless you were physically remove the side button, no. That would of course also prevent you from turning it ON, too.

Best answer: What do you mean by "with images on"? You mean there are other picture files on the USB thumbdrive? If you're simply downloading the OS, it's usually just a large file, like an ISO. If there's enough free space on your thumbdrive then there's no problem. If there isn't enough space... show more

so, I'm building a PC and i cant find any downloads off of for windows 10. i know you can buy it off of amazon but none of it is actually sold from microsoft and im worried that i might get scammed. Does anyone know how to get windows?

Ive owned windows products all my life, Looking for something that can run both mac os to try and windows. Not doing any video editing just want something slim and portable and will be using low impact software. Is it worth it to buy a used macbook pro or should I just buy new 2018 base model?

When im not doing anything i still use 2.3gb out of my 8gb ram. Is that normal?

Best answer: NEVER use a product that claims to repair or optimize the registry.  CCleaner is one of the safer utilities, but I won't use it to fix "registry issues" — the risk is too great.