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Up until yesterday we had a couple laptops, a couple cellphones, and a PS3 that all worked on our home wifi. Our ISP had an outage that lasted about 4 hours, and since it came back the laptops still work fine but the cell phones and PS3 will connect to wifi but can't access the internet. I've spent all day... show more


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Best answer: there's freeware ftp server software you could probably use for that

What is a good vpn need help?

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So my isp send me 3 warning letter for downloading illegal stuff. And im tired of it. I dont wanna risk having my internet cut off. What is a good vpn to use? maybe under $10 a month?

my home wifi is terrible and i want to get my own broadband. i’ve found one with vodaphone that does not need a landline.

I used to attend a school where we had to have an iPad. I was curious if using their WiFi they could see what apps I used or what I was looking at while using and also when not using their WiFi. I know it seems like a weird question, but people say things about using other’s WiFi and how they can see your... show more

Best answer: He can see who is connected, but not what data content flows through. So you can keep on clicking vids on Pornhub, buddy.

How to set up a modem?

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Best answer: You have to understand how a VPN works! A VPN creates a private connection from one location to another. When using a VPN service you are not creating a private connection from one end to the other!. Instead, you are creating a private link from your device (or network) to an intermediate location, and from... show more