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The way I see it is bikes made in china arent bad quality because they're from china they're bad quality because they're super cheaply made i mean they sell pretty questionably good motorcycles for cheapish prices... my honest opinion of Chinese motorycles is that there's a few technical issues with... show more

So I'm 16 and 4 months old, I've been trying desperately to get both my motorcycle and car learner's permits. Every time we get something done, we get sent off to do something else (Eg. going to the doctor and then being sent to an optometrist to get glasses, ect.) My dad is an avid motorcyclist and... show more

Best answer: Valve lash must be set to factory specs. Too tight and the valves will not shut properly and will eventually burn. Too loose and they will not open enough and be noisy.

Would it be embarrassing

What is a good starter bike?

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I'm looking to buy a motorcycle. I have never ridden one except on the back with someone. I am going to take my class (required by florida) starting next Monday. I'm 5"11 and about 235. Not a little guy by a longshot. I've been recommended a cbr 300 but it seems a bit small. Not buddy who rides... show more

What's the catch ..UK question?

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I'm browsing motorbikes for sale and my goodness! VFR 750s/800s are WELL cheap. That's a 100 horse power bike FFS !!

Valve clearances on a dirt bike??

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My clearances right now are 0.03 both exhaust and inlet on a 70 size dirt bike but on other models of bike the company make which are bigger cross country style bikes with the same engine the clearances are like 0.05 in&exhaust which gives it a slower rev but better top end feel etc... I've seen road 125s... show more

I've got a Chinese 125cc which is brand new just think it has the regular downfalls.. I'm thinking of upgrading the fuses and relays, the starter motor etc, I also want to correct the valves because the engine seems to be crazy fast and i think it'll just rattle to bits if it's not sorted, I'm... show more

Best commuter scooter or e-bike?

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Quick summary: Needs: foldable, handles hills, rider weight: 190 lbs + potentially 20 lbs of stuff, price range: <$1000, preferably easy set up I live in San Francisco so hills are an issue. I’d like something I can fold down so I can take it inside classrooms and for easy storage when I go on vacation. Also,... show more

I've got a xgj125cc fuel injected there's nothing wrong with the current engine but someone's selling a good yammy 125cc engine I'm guessing it'll just wire straight in if I convert the pins then I'm thinking from there id have to get the matching yammy regulator to run all the current... show more

I'm a car mechanic so I thought I'd be able to figure this out.. usually when I test fuel injectors I start with fuses and a diagnostic test to see if there's any fault codes... if there's none I usually get the injectors out and crank the engine to see if they spray fuel onto some paper towels...... show more

I’m selling my Honda Grom to a buyer and was wondering if he buys my bike, will my registration automatically get terminated after I sign the title over? Because a friend told me even if the registration is up to date, it gets terminated after selling it because the new owner will have to register anyways. I ask... show more

Best answer: The manual page tells you to go to 5 14 5 15 and 5 16 show you how to completely remove the throttle body, obviously you do not have to go this far, just enough to gain access.

CV carb on 1998 Harley Dyna,?

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No fuel spraying into throat but runs at idle only. Throttle cable to carb as stuck then started working but like I said no fuel pumping

I've got a 125cc Chinese motorcycle which is nearly new but it literally won't start since I disconnected the fuel injector plug and reconnected it with the ignition off.. I've tested the wires with a multimeter and they seem fine, I've had the injector out and cranked the engine and it fires fuel... show more

Dirt bike to run drugs?

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Best answer: Why not get a used Brinks armored truck. A little slower than a KX 450 but more bullet-proof.

How to drive a motorcycle?

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