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Best answer: That's a good joke that one. Why do they want old codgers banned for causing one accident, but then a 46 year old having that accident would be back in his new car, maybe get some points at most. And plenty of 46 year olds have had that same accident.

all for illegals votes.

I hate to say it but it needs to be done

Why is your bathroom so messy?

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Best answer: Red came to visit.

Best answer: She is not doing her job. She should be forced to step down and someone else take that spot...someone who is willing to work with the POTUS.

Best answer: they'll vote for whoever the fake news tells them to.

May I have my first kiss with you?

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Best answer: No. (that was easy).

Best answer: It depends, if a person doesn't have self control, it hinders you. I have seen my self lost in it before & that that hurt me in various ways. Not soo much anymore, i pray i don't go back.

Did Adam and Eve have a closet?

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