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Is my eye color Hazel?

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I'm not sure if my eye color is hazel, and also what eyeshadow colours I can use, to make the eyes pop and stand out

How long do you spend for an everyday look? and how long for a special occasion? Just Curious.

Best answer: First, he's a certified makeup guy. That means he studied the craft in school. Second, he always confers with the director and the two of them come up with ideas and looks they're going for, along with lighting and all.... and it's up to the makeup guy to ply his craft and use the skills he learned... show more

Best answer: My mom used to model. She wears sunscreen every single day. As a result, she looks ten-fifteen years younger than women of the same age. I started doing the same thing. I'm much lazier than my mother, but people typically think I have good skin lol Just make sure that whatever brand of sunscreen you're... show more

We live on the same apartment complex but that person didn’t put their apt number on there so since my apt number is 1. Someone dropped it off on my door. There’s so many people that live here. I don’t know who this person is. She could be in other buildings. On the package said Lancôme. I think is expensive makeup... show more

I’ve been wanting to get contact lenses for awhile now to just have a new look to my eye color and I also do halloween makeup and I know it’ll add much more detail to my look of makeup I do. I know I need to go to an eye doctor to measure my eye but will they prescribe me some even if I don’t need them but only... show more

Women don't paint their fce and lips to sit alone in their room while the door locked. So "I do for myself" is incorrect. They do it for how they feel in relation to how others "view" them. Naturally a mammal would avoid unnatural and exaggerated colors on a potential mate, as this could... show more

What color are my eyes?

13 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Brown.


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Do you wash your make up off in the sink before or after shower?

Do I wear too much makeup?

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Best answer: Belleza

Best answer: part of his transition to female. Seriously, I knew a guy who had a patchy beard, and would fill it in with an eyebrow pencil. I don’t know that anyone ever said anything to his face, but he was definitely made fun of behind his back. By men and women. I don’t know that man filling in his eyebrows would... show more

Best answer: No, for me Red goes with anything.

Best answer: No, I didn't get my flying car.