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Confused about tracking cookies?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Yep,stored on your PC unless you disable them or use an extension called Cookie AutoDelete.

Do u guys store your password anywhere (phone, computer, written down somewhere) or do you memorize it? sometimes it's a bit hard to memorize all the websites that i subscribed to with all my different username and passwords

For example, can not log on to his PC as him etc. Then all his personal data on his PC is safe? I am asking because I just left a bank, worrying about the personal data still on my PC.

Best answer: Troll Alert !!!

How do i get rid of cookies?

8 answers · 3 weeks ago

Is McAfee a good anti-virus software?

15 answers · 3 weeks ago
I get pop ups all the time from HP about them recommending McAfee.

I just picked up this pc for free from the Facebook market. The owner told me that it wouldn't power up and also bundled in some junk cables and a scanner for free as well. I looked at the pc and it seemed that the power button was broken and it fired right up. After looking at the specs, it turned out that it... show more

Is it a scam?

18 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: It's a scam. Anytime somebody asks for money like this it is a scammer. There is always the remote possibility that one of your friends is pranking you from a throw-away phone. But not likely. At any rate, because of your age, you should report it to your parents so that they can deal with it. There are ways... show more

Best answer: You fell for a tech support scam. These scams prey on people who usually don't know anything about computers/technology and use some scare tactics like "Your PC is sending us reports of viruses" or "You've been doing illegal things". They usually ask you to download a remote program like... show more

I can't reactivate and re-use my product key that i bought a year ago with my laptop. Licences for Office 365 don't expire. What's going on?! Trouble load i've been here for one hour can't get anything else done trying to sort this out. What can i do? I have antivirus but no time to run a scan... show more

Dear Community Friends, I have Kaspersky Total Security running on a family member's laptop [no problems] : and on a separate PC, me personally am running AVG Free (it's a long story). I know the AVG sells my user info to third party -- which is part of why I desire to swap AVG for the Kaspersky. ... show more

Are my tickets gonna be stolen?

3 answers · 3 weeks ago
Hey, this is a very complex story with many questions. I was on Skype with friends (trustable) and I screen shared my whole tickets. So my questions are, how high of a chance that some hacker or a bot got to the tickets? If someone would get to it, would they sell it with me keeping the tickets or they’d have to... show more

Malwarebytes or kaspersky please give me more details ?

Which anti virus is the best?

23 answers · 1 month ago