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Best answer: I seriously doubt it. If they're a world class hacker then it's a possibility. But generally speaking and outside of Yahoo only law enforcement can get it. I wouldn't worry about it. I would think a world class hacker would have something better to do than hang out here.

I need help with cyber security?

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Best answer: Think about this, if he had photos he would just send you one to make you believe that he has what he says he has. Then he would get a higher response rate. He ain't got anything. Ignore it.

Do I need to get a virus protection or do I just get a clean up like Avast to clean it up the virus if I get one I heard it from Best buy geek squad

Can my IP address be corrupt?

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Best answer: i dont think you can connnnent being anonynnous, that nnight be how that happened

Best answer: Don't worry about it. Your mail server saw it as junk mail.(which it is) I mean write a letter to yourself even it says "test" and mail it to yourself and you will see it is sorted as good mail. I get the same too, and I do put the mouse on the letter in the mailbox and leave it there to see where... show more

Is this just a hollywood thing, or is there an actual way to make your computer or usb or hard drive wipe itself if it is compromised? Say, for example it is encrypted with a password. Lets say someone tried to hack in and guess it and when they get it wrong, it wipes the whole drive? Does that exist? Or can all i... show more

I had a certain phone number for quite a while and kept getting phone calls from various family members(typically speaking Spanish), insurance companies, banks, and others believing that I was this one guy named Victor. Not only is this not my name, but I m not even a man. I eventually switched numbers thinking it... show more

what if i only use it for games and don't need a silly 2-factor authenti-whatever everytime i want a free app or want to change some setting? if a user wants to say "f*ckall to security", shouldn't that be their choice? especially as much as those things cost...

Ok I ask this question allot but I'm scared using the computer with out protection it already have defender but so I need virus protection or not I use social network and Pinterest etc mainly

Hacked or virus?

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I have recently started using chrome and have been having trouble with random accounts being accessed. I do not think it is a chrome issue but something is going on. It started a couple of weeks ago when i got an email from Ebay telling me that someone listed an item under my account and it would be locked until i... show more

What are my security questions?

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Whats a good free anti virus?

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Best answer: Avast, AVG bitdefender are all good free AVs. They all have nag screens reminding you to upgrade though

is AVG or Mcafee good?