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Best answer: They keep shoving new ones at you until you get all of them right or you leave the site in disgust, whichever comes first.

Best answer: It's actually quite good. Windows Defender is a good antivirus... Microsoft support that just as much as Norton or Kaspersky or AVG or any other major antivirus vendors are supported. Will it catch every virus? No antivirus can be guaranteed to do that. Statistics come out every year regarding the effectiveness... show more

Like at the school I went to they banned Dogpile from their servers which is a search engine that I couldn't understand why when I was 14.

Best answer: Fortnite hackers

Best answer: I get them too, they get the info from sites like forums, with poor security. Lots of people reuse the same password on every site. So you can see how they might panic if someone knows their email address and an important password, which might even be their email password. When I get that mail, the password they... show more

I feel like no matter where I go online, I’m being stalked by a troll, I’m tired of it.

Best answer: There are a couple of codes that you can use to block any call no matter where it is from and no matter if the number that shows up isn't the correct one. I am on AT&T and use it and it works great. I don't know if the other phone providers have this or not. Ron

He doesn’t want to do the transaction on eBay. I know this is sketchy but aren’t I technically not losing anything because he can’t scam me this way?

Hi how can I get rid of porn .?

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If I send an e-mail, while surfing incognito, can it be traced??? If so, which anonymous web browser can I use to achieve that??

Additionally, are people able to hack into your wifi without knowing the password to your wifi? Are people able to hack into your phone magically? I'm asking these questions because one of my friends yelled at me because I'm not agreeing with them that a certain person they believe is hacking into... show more

Best answer: The best Antivirus is You. You are the number one way to avoid infections. Most infections are user installed by opening malicious files. This is why some people claim they don't use protection and never get anything. The problem with that though is that some infections can happen without user interaction and... show more

my mum set it up on my computer, but i was wondering does this spy on everything i search up?

If someone has obtained your password to your secure wifi and is using it will you be able to know they are using your wifi or will it be undetectable?

Does my computer have a virus?

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Best answer: That sounds like some spyware and/or adware. Download Malwarebytes and run a full scan and delete any threats it finds. Also, on all of the web browsers you have, clear your history, cache, and cookies. If you recently installed any program that might be shady, uninstall it. Because even if your Malwarebytes... show more