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why does it take so long to earn your license?

I want to compare how the top aircraft models have gotten faster year over year, or how airlines have changed their flight patterns to fly more quickly, but I can't find an average speed. The National Transportation Safety board does annual accounts of car miles, but reports aircraft in hours flown. I want to... show more

Best answer: I guess you mean commercial aircraft, as many military aircraft do have ejection/parachute capability.. 1. There is not enough cabin space for ~400 passengers to put on their chutes at the same time when there is an emergency. They would simply not have time either. In the confusion they would not be able to... show more

Best answer: When I was in general aviation we knew of two customers who were smuggling. One of our other customers was DEA so it did not go unnoticed. Maybe as many as 5% of light planes are used for smuggling, but I doubt it. I saw a lot more than average because we were just a couple hundred miles from the border. However,... show more

Best answer: The one forced to listen to your pun, would have to walk away and help others.

Best answer: There are many different methods for retracting aircraft landing gear. Some are purely mechanical, driven by hand cranks or electric motors, while others are operated by hydraulics or pneumatics. It just depends on how the people who designed the aircraft wanted to make things work.

Best answer: Concorde never made money on London / Paris to New York. It needed also to fly to US west coast but at non supersonic speeds there was no point. The US government pretended the supersonic ban was for environmental reasons but it was jealousy pure and simple, the US couldn't match the technology. However, the US... show more

Best answer: Not if you don't plan to fly IFR. We learn enough instrument flying to get out of trouble. We learn to plan flights properly to try to avoid getting in to trouble in the first place. Have you ever flown a plane? How much instrument time do you have?

I've been researching for hours into how an aircraft's up and down locks apply to the landing gear but with no luck. I understand how the landing gear itself moves into the up and down positions - but how does the aircraft lock them in these respective positions?

I graduated from University with a Degree in Finance in the US. I have been working for about 1.5 years but really want to become a pilot. I have always dreamed about being a pilot but wasn't sure about the military and also job security (Planes fly themselves, etc.). It is so much more than that and I always... show more

At some point in my life I'd like to say I broke the sound barrier and; I was hoping there's a way I could do that if I had the money. Is there a way I can do that? Take a ride in a jet or something like that?

Best answer: Supersonic flight training occurs over the sea, or in sparsely populated airspace around large airbase. When I was doing flight testing in Mojave, right besides Edwards Air Force Base, I was told that you hear supersonic boom all the time. But there is more to it. The F-4 Phantom II had a production run of over... show more

Best answer: I don't see why not if a plane and a drone can and I don't own a TV nor do I watch much of any

I am seeing articles about commercial aircraft manufacturers boasting the eventual completion of hypersonic transportation. It would make sense that open speakers would not work, since sound has to travel. But what about headphones where the sound only needs to travel a mere centimeter?

All it needs anyway are metals within metals within metals... we have had metals for thousands of years...