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Best answer: The plane will fly forward at 50MPH, but the air it’s flying through is moving backwards at 60MPH, so the plane will move 10MPH backwards over the ground.

Best answer: Depends on the aircraft. On the Cessna we firewall everything (i.e. throttle, prop and mixture) and start climbing away. On larger modern aircraft with an autopilot/authrottle if the configuration is correct pressing the TO/GA button or opening the throttles to the TO/GA position will result in the engines... show more

Best answer: Most do, if you look carefully. Many also have an angle of attack so Newton's 3rd also comes into play. Many jet fighters like the F-16, you are right, the curve is on both sides, negating Bernoulli's. These powerful planes don't require wings for lift at all, they can actually "stand" on... show more

How is aviation industry?

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Is Drone an airplane or no?

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The FAA and AOPA don't seem to separate personal piloting accidents from general aviation. If you know of anywhere that will break down general aviation stats into executive, instruction, and personal, that would be super helpful! (USA domestic only)

An A&P mechanic said I don’t need to change the oil because I am adding a quart every few flights anyway, so the oil is already getting changed every few months. Others say every 50 hours it should be changed. Some say change it every 25 hours.

Best answer: Call whoever flies that plane. Registration numbers might lead you.

Best answer: A 700 foot Class E floor constitutes a transition area for IFR approaches. If an uncontrolled airport has an IFR approach the airspace will either extend down to 700 feet AGL if there are only non-precision approaches or all the way down to the surface if there is at least one precision approach but no control... show more

Best answer: In an A10, firing the GAU-8 makes the whole airframe shudder. If you are talking about feeling vibration on a passenger plane, it is ridiculous to think of it as a weapon aimed at you. A "vibration" weapon would be pretty pointless. EDIT - The only electronic offensive weapons on planes are lasers, and... show more The army have helpfully announced that they are removing their anti-drone detector and mini-missile battery.

Are airplanes really safe ?

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Best answer: In 2017 there were more than 4 Billion passengers who flew on commercial flights and there were only 44 fatalities. Yes, that's billion with a "B" meaning 4,000 million or 4,000,000,000 people. Of the 44 people killed in incidents involving commercial flights in 2017, NONE of them were on board... show more

How hard is a pilots lifestyle?

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I'm looking to become a pilot and everything seems like it's going good. Although, I'm very worried about the lifestyle of a pilot. Being away from a possible family seems like a very hard thing for me right now. I'm not sure how I feel about it. If anyone, who is a pilot or knows about it could... show more

What would happen if an aircraft takes off with more flap extended than needed?

Best answer: Efficiency and cost. Prop planes need high grade, high octane aviation gasoline. Think of it as super premium with a price to match. Jet engines on the other hand use jet fuel with is very similar to diesel, heating oil and kerosene. They have even used vegetable oil in a test plane to see if it would... show more