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Best answer: That is a photoshopped picture. It's the head of a woman and the body of a Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Hello there, in need of some advice! I have applied to a top European business school not really expecting to get in, but I actually did! So now I’m on the massive hunt of figuring out how to pay for the tuition, looking for the right loan, but I have absolute zero knowledge on student loans. I’m not sure what... show more

Is this all?

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okay so... long story short, I'm 2 years away from graduating high school in Scotland. I really REALLY want to go to university in america and join a sorority (and live in the sorority) i come from a very low-income family is this gonna be possible for me at all to do this? A majority of my expenses will have... show more

Best answer: First, you need a school district with at least some parents who are sufficiently sophisticated & affluent that they could be willing & ABLE to volunteer to host a foreign student. They certainly don't have to be rich, but must feel affluent enough that they are not concerned about upping their grocery budget... show more

My UK student visa is still valid for another 2 months but I have finished my year course (which ended in beginning of June, and was clearly stated on my student certification issued by university). According to schengen visa page on document required = “Letter of acceptance at an EU University/College/School. A... show more

I can’t afford to study in the US so Im planning on studying in a foreign country instead where it is cheaper like South Korea, China and Philippines however if I apply as a regular student I have to be fluent in that country’s language and in the case where I can not learn it in time I have to secure all english... show more

Best answer: Once you're past customs, you can travel anywhere in the EU without anyone checking - just be sure to bring your passport for identification if asked. Whether the school allows you to travel alone is another question - they're usually not keen on students making unannounced travel plans, they're... show more

I don’t want to study in one state or country so Im planning on studying in US, Europe, South Korea and China. I’m aware of exchange programs but these programs do not allow you to choose the school or place you want to go to so I thought actually tanaferring schools would be the better option.

I want to be a Radiologist but i want to study in Japan. How much are study abroad programs?

My classmate for one of my upper division courses only texts me to ask for my study guide since our tests are heavily based on the study guides. So for the study guide on the final I told her that I would do half of the study guide while she does the other half but I didn't send her my half until she sent me... show more

I want to go to New York to go to a art university/college/school and become a painter. I come from a poor family and i don't have any family in New York, I plan on applying for scholarship, do you guys know a good scholarship that is suitable for me? If i dont get one i think i will do a part time job. Do you... show more

I am going to take a placement year before my third year of university but I do not know what country to go to. I want to go somewhere that has the best work opportunity, yes, but i also want to go somewhere that will be a good and affordable place to live and somewhere that does not have too much of a language... show more

How is studying abroad beneficial?

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Best answer: If you're talking about something like a medical or law degree, it's a bad idea to study abroad. You'd need to pass licensing exams in your home country, and you wouldn't get the right preparation abroad. Why study American law if you want to practice in India or China? Why learn English-language... show more

I m from India and only rich people easily send their kids to western countries in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, I m 24 and don't have even supportive parents, and my life is just like hell, there are of course those who are highly intelligent only these people are able to study and stay in those... show more

That the visa officer place the ban without even checking with the applicants and related entities such as their employers, schools, or banks?

Hey there! I have a question which I could t find the exact answer on the internet and i hope you guys can help me. I m preparing for going to college but the thing is I want to study abroad. But I need a good college which I can get the full scholarship. I would be glad if you help me to find some colleges that... show more

Best answer: Australians ALL speak English, what other language would they speak ? We have thousands of Australians living here especially in London. he does not have to take any exam to prove he is an English speaker.