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Best answer: What a nice friend you are. Go and tell her. YOU will not have a friend, or a fling either. Everybody will know you as a .............. that will steal their man. Good luck.

Resume question?

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Should i put I voulenteered for political campaigns in college as long as I leave it vauge and don t mention which politicians I worked for? This is for a buisness related job.

Are online-degrees more acceptable these days?

10 answers · Nantes · 1 month ago
Best answer: The degrees are acceptable (over 80% of HR managers said they viewed online degrees the same way they viewed in person degrees) on one condition - make sure the school is accredited by a valid accreditation body. Also remember that some schools are partially accredited - some degrees are accredited and some... show more

Too many accounts?

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I am working in an office 55k a year just enough to pay for dump apartment and cost of “living” I am basically able to afford my own slavery. Yeah if I got into a different job marginally better maybe but would not solve my problem. I was just thinking about quitting and moving into a van and try to figure... show more

How is bread used and marketed today?

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I made a huge mistake a few months ago where I made the decision to get a 2018 jeep wrangler. 570 a month. 364 for insurance. Don't comment on this post saying how stupid it was, I know! I'm extremely young and made a mistake. That's not even the biggest problem. The problem is that I made a mistake... show more

Best answer: Here's how I would say it, "I respectfully suggest that you look at all your options for resolving this issue but strongly feel that self-fornication might be your best choice."

Best answer: become self employed Invent something. buy a building and become a landlord.

Not sure if $8k isn’t that much money & maybe I should wait & just focus on saving. Really want it tho lol I’m a shopaholic

At my job, we punch in electronically. At the end of the pay period when the payroll manager saw on my timecard that I worked 7 hours and 30 minutes all ten days of the pay period, she multiplied ten by 7.30 hours instead of 7.50 hours. Judging by the difference between a decimal and colon, she should know better.... show more

No one will hire me no matter what?

5 answers · Nantes · 1 month ago
I’ve tried going to an employment agency, applying for interns, I have volunteer experience, I even have work experience as an office assistant that lasted 4 months ... I don’t know what else to do I don’t want to commit suicide or be homeless

How can I earn money trying products?

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Did i leave a bad impression?

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i applied to an internship on Craigslist and then a few mins. Later the owner called me for a short phone interview. So after he decided i was qualified for the position, he invited me in for an interview. Then he said in a blur of a rush that he was gonna send over the address of his location to my email. After we... show more

(I need some advice)...?

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(I need some advice)...I bust my *** at the (job)I’m at...)Outback Steakhouse) I know how corporations go’s the (general manager)is (racist).told me ..couldn’t afford to pay me...and my work performance...she does a lot or favoritism.....what can I do?