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Best answer: You ever been to Nebraska? Trust me.........we're not "FULL". There are parts of Nebraska, where you could drive for HOURS and not see another living soul.

Hey libs what happened to your trump- Russia collustion?

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Is it possible Hillary Clinton could have been less than honest with her accusations?

I thinked Nasa fooled people about Black Hole Do you believe on it ?

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stephen hawking one of the greatest producer of making fake animated movies about astronomy and galaxies Nasa found one blur yellow ring so why should we believe on them even we all know aliens and ufo are good to watch in movies not in reality

Best answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82bXSBEtIhc

Why wont Alexandria Ocasio Cortez run for office in Puerto Rico?

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Best answer: Because she doesn't live in Puerto Rico.

Like, I know Y!A isn't very popular compared to Quora or reddit but I never got into twitter, tumblr, blogs, that kind of thing - so what is popular that it would reach a lot of people?

Will lier Hillary go back on her word and run in 2020?

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Best answer: Because they seek acceptance and gratification from others

Liberals will burn down Mullers home soon enough?

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when the witch hunt is all over and Trump is KING OF THE WORLD.. lol